Ten classic zombie games in history Resident Evil is leading – part three

Biohazard Code Veronica

The “Biohazard Code Veronica”
It is not orthodox sequel but better to than orthodox sequel.
This game was once regarded as the most excellent one in the “Resident Evil” series, whether picture or the story is nearly perfect, is really good work.
In the game, players will act the familiar two leading role Claire and Chris, and will be struggling to survive in an overseas island. The story describes Clare is in order to search for missing brother Chris, when Claire went into Paris institute of Umbrella company to survey but was arrested and sent to the island. At same time, when Claire tried to escape from island, the island suddenly happened on variation. Due to the mysterious organization taking biological weapons into the island, the facilities in island almost completely destroyed and trapped in the great confusion. In addition, in this game, Westcott who was mystery in life and death will appear in the game.
The “Plants Vs Zombies”
You don’t misread, leisure game can also enter this list. And, if you put it as simple leisure game, it would be a mistake.
Terrible zombie will invade into your home, and your only defense way is your planting plants. Armed your 49 species of plants, and switched their different functions, such as cherry bomb or tough cannibalism flowers, which will be more rapidly and effectively blocking zombie during the invasion of the road. Different enemy and different playing constitute five different game modes, and the sunset, heavy fog and swimming pool and other obstacles that increase its challenging difficulty, so the game fun is endless.
Game totally has five kinds of mode, including adventure mode, little game mode, puzzle mode, survival mode and garden mode, as many as 50 adventure mode scenarios, from day to night, from the roof to the swimming pool, scene is variety. The game has 26 kinds of different zombie enemy, including zombie driver driving car, the game is more challenging. 49 kinds of powerful plants different from each other, and can collect coins to buy pet snail and other optional items.

Ten classic zombie games in history Resident Evil is leading – part two

The “Left 4 Dead 2”
As the sequels, it released after the original published a year, Valve did not do anything in other ways, but still keeps high level of gameplay.
It feels more comfortable that playing terrorist survival games with friends together. Valve is also aware of this problem, and has brought us the “Left 4 Dead 2”. Fun and simple game mechanisms, and numerous exciting game scenes, give people a kind of brand-new feeling. And very perfect AI, it’s enjoyable.

Dead SpaceThe “Dead Space 2”
Strictly speaking, although the monster in the game is not “zombie”, but it is a perfect survival kind of terrorist game from the game theme, atmosphere and other aspects.
The selling point of game is mainly science fiction and horror. The leading role of previous game Isaac Clark again shows in the sequel. In this game, he uses plasma cutting machine and other more new weapons, new items, tries to fight his way and escapes from the necromorph this group of terrorist monster. In addition, the new game appeared new role assisting Isaac. In this game, not only new adds more and more terror necromorph, also have more tortuous, and more abundant story plot, and new DLC waiting for players.