Ten classic zombie games in history Resident Evil is leading

The Walking Dead
“The Walking Dead”
The game is the most innovative, is been on sale according to “season”.
“The Walking Dead” no longer put Rick Grimes for leading role, followed the “reunited with family” task route, the game story will follow an escaped prisoner – Lee Everett under the guardianship of police helplessly encounter zombies. Everett’s partner is a seven-year-old girl Clementine, according to the Telltale revealed that the small girl will play the role similar to Everett moral guide people in the journey.
It is different from Rick Grimes who fought his way in the original work, the leading role will do the exact opposite, killed all the way, so in some places or critical moment, they should meet the role of TV series such as Lilly and Glenn.

Day - Z
The “Day – Z”
This is not a new independent game, is just a homemade MOD of the “Armed Assault 2”, but this MOD caused a storm once released on the Internet.
The background of “Day – Z” is the main island of black Russian in the “Armed Assault 2” the original version. This is a 225 square kilometers of the coastal region, from the mountain, the field to the urban and rural areas, in the game all have, basically equivalent to a miniature east Europe country. The weather is random variation, and will affect the player’s action. Around the world, however, the virus and plague lead to most human becoming into zombies, players will play survivors, what they need to do is to survive in Russia.


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