Do you know the Ten classic game BOSS – part two

Terranigma2. SFC in Terranigma the final BOSS darkness Gaia
The BOSS design really makes people surprised; actually it is the elder of the Protagonist village, he asked the leading role to begin the adventure journey. In the course of the game, it cheats countless, even I was also cheated by this role, until it stopped in front of me, and prevented me from crossing, I just suddenly understood, can’t help admiring the powerful game producer.

Langrisser 23. MD in “Langrisser 2” the final BOSS Barnhart
“Langrisser” series are my favorite, the second generation of MD version I like best, its figure is nearly perfect. As the final BOSS Barnhart, is proved his worth with strong, common levels A70 D45 have been quite strong. And in hidden levels, the 99 A and 72 D improve its strength to the peak. Control blade, and kill darkness prince, has the identity of the emperor born in mercenary, all mean it is a true king!

ZeroOnline4. All kinds of ZeroOnline series Christoph gullan makuzoto
Believe that all the people are not strange about the man, perfect incarnation, first strongman of ZeroOnline, various aspects are outstanding, and his machine is as the destruction of god. Before the mighty shrink back gun, everything is so tininess. In a word, he gives us the deep impression.

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