Do you know the Ten classic game BOSS

When talking about “BOSS”, our players won’t be unfamiliar with them, in the present games, almost all have BOSS, BOSS existence is to boycott the pace of the player (in fact their mission is to be KO by the players, although they are always domineering). It is hard to imagine, what it would be like if a game doesn’t have BOSS. Whenever players do all their strength to kill BOSS, the sense of achievement of killing Boss is incomparable to kill some other monster. So say, BOSS is indispensable.
BOSS is generally designed very strong and cool by fabricator, even if they are concealed in the enemy’s army, the player can easily recognize them: because they look proud and outstanding, gorgeous armor, high strength damage, and huge body, they are outstanding and despise the player, but the result of them is the same: defeated. This is their mission as a BOSS.
Only their failure can prove the power of main character. So, the BOSS is worthy of respect. When players step on the body of the BOSS to go forward, whether we should be filled with deep esteem for their selfless dedication?
The following list out 10 BOSS which make me quite impression in game career .

Contra1. FC in “Contra” the first level BOSS
Put the BOSS existed in the first place, because it is first BOSS I encounter in game career. Since then, I have this concept of “BOSS”. The BOSS is extremely weak, players can easily seckill it, absolutely can be selected the 10 weakest BOSS in game history.

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