Do you know the Ten classic game BOSS – part three

8. MD ChainDive
Shooting game with hard style is large proportion of the characters, and you feel very balminess. But the difficulty is too high, the protagonist is a bird man – – (does a bird man), you need to continuously kill BOSS in the process of game, the biggest characteristic of this game is, BOSS appeared frequently, often you walk a few steps will see BOSS, even no soldier appearing between BOSS. In an hour process, it has incredibly 30 BOSS protagonist birds (I really don’t know the names, can only call it the birdman), we can say it specialize household killing BOSS, is also produced by the treasure company.
9. FC “Mitsume Ga Tooru” the finally BOSS
Before playing this game, the final BOSS I encountered in game is mostly larger many times than the leading role, but in this game, the final BOSS incredibly is as big as leading role, so I change opinion in BOSS, its strength is also very strong for me as AC at that time, the reason that I have deep impression is little body but contains infinite strength.
10. Every man has their own memory in the heart
Which Boss is the most memorable in your memory?


Do you know the Ten classic game BOSS – part two

5. PS2 Tenchu dance ROM

puppeteerNervous genius puppeteer, the big puppet doll on its back is its main weapon. First look at it, I was surprised, the BOSS of the design is really very well, give a person with a lot of oppressive feeling, only see its name all feel very mechanical, but strength is nothing.
6. MD Gunstar Heroes Beast with seven surfaces (personal naming)
The characteristic of the BOSS is variable, in HARD mode, 7 kinds of forms is really like a nightmare for me as ACT. Only in EASY mode, I can be KO it to satisfy myself. Seven kinds of forms are gorgeous. It is cool, and produced by the treasure company.
7. PS2 “Shadow of the Colossus”
Before playing this game, I almost lose interest in PS2, at that time, it is full with all kinds of kuso games in PS2, and I inadvertently found this game. The novel conception brought super game play, no soldiers, only the BOSS. All you have to do is find out each position of BOSS, then “cross” them (MS is very difficult due to BOSS are too great), at any time you should pay attention to your feet. Killing all kinds of BOSS like a mountain of is absolutely psychological enjoy.