Exposure ten important changes in “Resident Evil 6” – part two

Resident Evil 63. More uncertainty
Although the two former “Resident Evil” was some difficulty, the combat technology of character is very good. Although the skill is not agile, he still can shot what when the gun points to. Once your skill is better, leading role will become a stable killing machine. In the new game, less certainty, all will feel more real.
Aiming and shooting stability are greatly decreased, centering is obvious fluctuation, and recoil often makes you lose accuracy. As the character level rising, the situation will slowly get better, but a long process. In addition, the execution skill of seckill enemy can’t be unrestrained to use. Using melee attack no longer needs to put the enemy get down, but you need to be closer that can play effect, and is not also bad as before.
4. Unarmed attacks is more important
In the two former games, once trigger melee you can basically win the battle. In the new game, if your position and attack angle is not well, zombies can block off, and will also be flick. Although the new combat skills can be used at any time, if it has been blind used, physical tank will drop quickly. If physical is used up, your attack doesn’t play the role.
It is so difficult, will be good that I only use that gun? No, in the “Resident Evil6”, the combat system is basically melee and the long range are same Weapon range was also reduced, ammunition is more rare. So unlike in the previous game, you can shot in distance, now need combine with far and near, close to fight the enemy and then shot.


Exposure ten important changes in “Resident Evil 6”

The “Resident Evil 6” is unlike any former works before, first look at it you will feel quite familiar, but in fact if you play it, you will feel very different. Compared with previous game, in the game contains a large amount of innovation, trimming and expand, at the beginning you may not see. Take time to play, you will understand and see exactly what important change in new work.

Resident Evil 61. More fluent and intense
Although is very much like with the “Resident Evil 4″on the surface, the core game process of the “Resident Evil 6″ is large different from the previous work. Not returning to the before traditional and slow rhythm, new game created new terrorist experience.
Seen from the surface, it’s still the third person shoulder angle, but control feel is more directing and move feeling, for this, involved a lot of changes.
2. The characters are more real and more vulnerable
In the ‚ÄúResident Evil 4&5”, although using more modern double rocker operation, you still feel you control a flesh tanks, movement is slow and rigid. But in the “Resident Evil 6”, the leading role was injected with DNA of Nathan Drake, which lets the role and angle control more independent, reaction is sensitive and fast, in whole we will feel smooth much. Don’t be happy too early, though the leading role is agile much, the price is accuracy and stability. It is more like a real person, not mobile battery.
If run too fast in the room full of f obstacles and corpse, Leon is very easy to be stumbled and hit. If one foot is fierce to step on the corpse body, inertia will directly knock down you. Even if like Chris the meat mountain is more likely to be knocked out. New feel is completely different, role is more vulnerable.