Exposure ten important changes in “Resident Evil 6” – part three

5. Zombies are more difficult to be beaten
First of all, they are harder to be killed. If you shot the bullet on the body of zombies, they can resistance more bullets; headshot also won’t be particularly effective. And you often need 2 or 3 bullets to headshot can thoroughly kill a zombie; the premise is you can shot the head. Now the zombies will be slouching head, so it’s more difficult to shoot.
They often stumble dangler, there is no sign they are direct to jump when arrive at a distance. Although not often meet, just occasionally also it is frighten you.
6. Very strong new enemy Javo
At the beginning of Chris and Jake campaign, can see new enemy, look like Ganado changed skin, but actually they are wiser, more agile and more deadly. Even can use weapons, sword, gun and other things, it has very strong offensive as long as can beat you will directly attack you face.
It’s just their ordinary people form, they will also change. Imagine a spider can use machine guns, basically just like that.


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