How to avoid the “Mass Effect 3” bad ending – part two


2. Make it into online game
When ME3 released, the Bioware company founder expressed that they are interested in making an online game in the ME universe.
Maybe Bioware was too busy recently, but for now the ME universe width and depth they created are very suitable for making a many people online RPG online game.
Of course, if Bioware do so, may have a little gambling feeling, so may be more likely to be like “Star Wars: the old republic”, becoming into “the old republic knight”. Whichever way, this plan has very huge potential.
3. Continue to write ME3
Most people have been disappointed the end of the ME3, if writers said something in the fourth part, whether the setting time or place of the ending is well. It is very simple, just like the recent DLC, is mess and has no idea, enthusiastic fan attack all ignore off.
So the future of the game will be much better, for this we can see the influence of the war between Shepard and the Reapers, still can make the file of ME3 game playing the effort.


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