Can only playing World of warcraft in Win8

Although Windows8 will be formal released on October, but to the new operating system, it is not suitable for playing games, even the valve boss Gabe Newell also said that Win8 is a “big disaster” to all the games. But blizzard software engineer Darren Williams don’t think so, however, he said world of warcraft will be operate on Windows8 very well.
Williams specific mention “Mists of Pandaria” can be run in Win8, although compared with Win7, Vista even XP, Win8 in dealing with the game has deficiency of the theory, blizzard will fully support the system in the future. Williams said “We haven’t used Win8, but in the future we will transfer it, we will support players to use operating system. ”
Although most players never doubt warcraft can be operated on the new system, but earlier blizzard’s executive vice president Rob Pardo said that Blizzard also don’t think Win8 have much good advantages to attract many customers. But then again, if Windows8 really like talking about that is not friendly for players, will you abandon to use Win8, as many people skip Vista?


World of Tanks issued the most important update

The current “World of Tanks” the game screen is more and more attractive, and more and more real, and in the 8.0 updated version of this game, its physical effect and light effect have been strengthened overall. Wargaming said the upgrade, it may be said it is “the most important update since the game launched”.

World of Tanks
In addition, updated version 8.0 will also bring some changes in other aspects for players, including optimizing the UI in game, enhancing the function of small map, and the Soviet army was joined into the four kinds of brand new tanks and chariots, and this time players can buy British chariot “Matilda Black Prince” in the prop store.
The “World of Tanks” is developed and made by Wargaming of Belarus game company, and 30 players can play the fast and random PvP combat at same time in this game. In this game also includes the second time more than one hundred and fifty light-weight, midsize, heavy tanks and anti-tank organized car, self-propelled guns and armored vehicles before and after the World War ii and in the period of the Korean war.
So much armors and weapons, are you moved? You must like this “World of Tanks”.