The GTA5 ten predict Refresh Rockstar sales – part three

6. Emphasis on RPG elements

Take a look at the most successful works of “San Andreas”, ask you why it is so successful, among the reasons the RPG is one of the cause. San Andreas entirely gives the right of control CJ to you, so you can customize a variety of details. Let him eat become a fatty, or become muscular through daily fitness.
I think that they will re-introduce the RPG elements to the GTA5, after all it was not used in GTV4, and many people have wondered why so do, they think it is backwards. Certainly, about this has all kinds of speculation, but Rockstar is not stupid, they will certainly bring these back to the GTA series.
5 the protagonist is from the existing GTA crime family
Perhaps the most important element of the game is the protagonist. Over the years, they created many favorite roles of players, such as CJ, Tommy, Vercetti or Niko Bellic, after all, how many protagonists of games are from Eastern Europe? It is almost no one.
So who is the next generation protagonist? It is sure that we all want to know. After several years, Rockstar has been succeeded in creating the GTA world, which is governed by the laws of nature, and is crime to make money. Seen from the trailer, the protagonist in GTA has just moved to Los Santos to escape the life of crime, we also know that the GTA world is full of corruption, he can’t escape.
Predict the GTA5 protagonist will have their own the existing GTA city, or even a crime family that has already been existing. As for which, we are guessing.

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