What game we can play during the Halloween – StoneAge

Halloween is also known as Halloween, in the eve of Halloween. On October 31 of each year, the devil will open the door of the supernatural. Kids wear a colorful costume and wear strange masks, carrying a lantern “Jack light” to go to others’ house to obtain candy. In this distant original continent, how to complete the task of the original people and how to obtain their Halloween gift? StoneAge Carnival Halloween, brings mysterious gifts for players!

Halloween Wizard: It is Halloween. I want to plant pumpkin. Please help me find seven pumpkins stem on the island of Bora 50 years ago, even if it didn’t grow the pumpkins, will give you other incentives. As long as have pumpkin or pumpkin lights in the village heads of Mary Nasi village, Hotter village, KeErKe village, exchange the Halloween gift.
Pumpkin sculptor: Carving pumpkins is an art, and if you have a chisel, I can help you carve pumpkins into pumpkin lantern.
At 8:00 on the October 31 – at 8:00 on the November 7
Active process:
1, the players have a dialogue with NPC Halloween Wizard, get props pumpkin head.
2, after having pumpkin head in backpack, enter into heroes Island to attack Baduolanen who loves pumpkin, and Oka Los, it has a certain probability to fall pumpkin vine.
3, carrying 7 pumpkins vine to find NPC Halloween elves, you have a certain probability to exchange the pumpkin. The pumpkin Vine exchange does not limit the number of times.
Optional: Use pumpkin and graver (mall props) to exchange pumpkin lights in the NPC pumpkin sculptor, after having pumpkin lantern, have dialogue with four village heads to receive random rewards.
4, carry pumpkins or pumpkin lights to our village head to exchange reward props. You can exchange once every day. After exchange, players can get randomly rewarded.
All Neolithic players all can get Halloween gifts in the place of four village heads. Every day can exchange once.

Final Fantasy 14 celebration of closing server will be held today

The old versionof “Final Fantasy XIV”, which is still running, will soon become a thing of the past. Sci Kuier Enix announced, in order to welcome  the arrival of “Final Fantasy 14” version 1.0 “A Realm Reborn” of the November 11, “Final Fantasy 14” will be held a grand celebration of closing server on the 31th of this month in the game, later the whole game begins to transform to the new version.

Final Fantasy XIV
This ceremony is called “The Seventh Umbral Era”. After that, the players need to wait for some time until the new version of the on-line, players will be able to enter the server in the new version. In that time, the player’s character data will be saved, and then transferred to the new version.
In addition, Enix will hold the limited closed beta activity for “A Realm Reborn”, players who want to participate in the closed beta of the game, the players can go to the official website for the qualification test. “A Realm Reborn” will bring significant changes to “Final Fantasy 14”. The game is not only adding new characters created function, and a new currency system, but also the launch of the PS3 version.

Not to be missed Ghost Story Q Biography on the eve of Halloween

No bounding gold ingots which is controlled by yourself, makes you happy during the entire Halloween
On October 31, the closed beta test of the “Ghost Story Q Biography” is on hot starting. During the event, as long as the players daily log in can receive online awards, limited time to experience fashion, limited time to experience horse, and other surprisings are all yours! Participate in “Level Competition”, or practicing level inside the seal testing server, players have the opportunity to win the bulk golden ingot, gold ingots are non-binding, you can dominate them according to yourself! In this time, I quietly told the players: during the event must seize the time to upgrade, because of the higher level of players, the more gold bullions they get, later you are no longer afraid of buying props, pet, and equipment without money! In addition, during the event, it has the opening hours of double experience! Massive experience, gold ingots, and various props are all necessary, players hurry up to put them in the bag!
Halloween special activities staged: kill monsters to get “pumpkin”
In the world of “Ghost Story”, during the period of Halloween, it must be “haunted”! Halloween is approaching. The pumpkin monster teamed to enter into Hangzhou City! Players are not fooled by their naive and cute appearance, their purpose is to capture the city of Hangzhou, a paradise on earth, so players did not hesitate, and quickly picked up your weapons in the hands to kill a variety of pumpkin monsters! When kill the monsters to protect their home, at the same time players can also get a colorful pumpkin, holding them they can exchange for double experience time, precious VIP time and the Halloween limited edition pets kid Dodo!
Players can’t miss the hot party! In this game, we have only a problem, it is only Chinese, so we can’t understand it, even though it is an interesting game.

Not to be missed Ghost Story Q Biography on the eve of Halloween

Ghost Story Q Biography

October 31 of “Ghost Story Q Biography” closing Beta test and the mysterious strange Halloween both are hot incoming! This season, on the eve of the grand occasion, in “Ghost Story Q biography” the Hyakki dispatched and held hot party with Halloween “ghost”! On the eve of Halloween, many activities will begin,  participate in the late fall hot party, to win large quantities golden gold bullions! In addition, players can enjoy the purchase but does not bind the gold bullions, so how disposable is decided by yourself!
Danced with ghost, “Ghost story Q Biography” invites you to participate in a hot party
“Ghost story Q Biography “is a world full of ghost, here gathered in hundreds of ghosts, shuttling back and forth, every day stages “Halloween” activities, such as “Ghost Story”, “kid reborn” and so on, the fun is lasting.  Halloween is coming, in “Ghost Story Q Biography”, Terran, evil kind, and the leading role ghost family sincerely invites players to take part in the hot party of the Halloween! Dances with devils, at the same time have happiness and wealth and income, do the highest beneficiaries to do a variety of activities!

Guild Wars 2 Eight Ranger team to beat monster suspending as goldsmith

Eight Ranger

Recently, there are players in “Guild Wars 2” have found a strange phenomenon, 8 rangers dressed in the same clothing, together with the same pet teamed to beat monsters, when they attack monsters, the skills they used are also the same, game media Gamespy that reported this event outspoken pointed out that this could be another masterpiece that goldsmith studio did.
These Ranger are not only the same race and armor, but also use the bear as a pet, the most important is that their IDs are similar Kfhfghgb, Jgfhftgf,, Lhvcnbvb these meaningless letters, after the players carefully observed, the routes that they beat monsters are also basic fixed, in addition, Gamespy also pointed out that the reason they are the same armor, is because they use the most fundamental and most ordinary armor to maximize the reduction of the cost of repairs. When they were struck down by monster, often there will be naive players to pull them up, or even if they also suspect these Ranger, but saving people can gain experience, why not do it?
Although a client of “Guild Wars 2” needs to be paid $60, if do so, it is very likely to be suspended account, but the fact is, they can purchase the discount client through the online store, and they do not seem to worry about being suspended the account, because they really are not suspended account, Gamespy pointed out that many of them have been in level 40, and what are ArenaNet doing? Perhaps they feel that they have not enough evidence to prove that these people are goldsmith.

What differences between DOTA2 and the DOTA – part two

4, store-bought
It can be said that it is the biggest change in DOTA2, all items are unified into a fixed interface for players to select. It is similar with the League of Legends (LOL), but not identical. The left key can only be used to choose equipment. The right key is used to buy. New players must keep in mind at this point to avoid madly clicking, left key but cannot buy things.
And in DOTA2, also is joined the “quick purchase”, such as the Townteleport the necessary prop can be dragged to the top of the lower right corner of your items, to set up “quick purchase” to save time.
5, the image of the model
We have to say, the hero model change is the most impact changes of rhythm and feel, but after all DOTA2 is not DOTA, many models can not be the same with original works, despite DOTA2 tried to restore model actions, surge and other details into DOTA feeling, However, in the actual game, we will still not get used to the feeling. The most obvious changes are the hero turn, change of volume size, and attacking ballistic curve which is very easy to impact of the operation.
The above differences, in addition to larger changes in store, others look subtle changes, but the more this small difference, the more easy to make the players who just exchange just DOTA to DOTA2 is not used to, leading to play disorders. Players who want to familiarize the DOTA2 must psychologically prepare.

What differences between DOTA2 and the DOTA

As the orthodox sequel of DOTA series, it is said “DOTA2 (booking)” will try to restore DOTA, and take care the operation habit of the old players, but after all the engine is different and times is also different, some things in the game will certainly be changed adapting to the times, first let us see what changes are there in game.

1, game lobby
In order to clear their own ambitions, and also in order to profit, DOTA2 certainly will not be played like DOTA as a free WAR3 map. In match mode, before players can enter into the game to decide the choice of the hero, and we can see, the hero will wear different types of equipment to change the shape, and of course, these equipments do not influence the hero property.
2, screen mobile
Players who are familiar with WAR3 newly contact DOTA2 engine will certainly be a subtle feeling, in addition to the game screen becoming more real and gorgeous, in the scroll of the screen, it also has different feeling with WAR3, when move screen, there is a slight acceleration sense, which is one of the things most likely to affect the operation of players.
3, the operating mode
If you do not use the “changing key tools” in DOTA, all operating buttons are fixed, so that one of the biggest disadvantage is that you must be familiar with the skills of each hero shortcuts and to ensure the accuracy to press. But when entering the DOTA2 times, the set of skill keys is adopted the setting of QWER (EF) the same with LOL, players can also set into preferences button in setting.
In addition, in the game skills upgrading is no longer like in WAR3 clicking the yellow “+” sign to learn, but the first click the yellow tips on the head portrait, and then select the appropriate skills, compared to directly click to upgrade skill in LOL, this set seems a bit complicated.

Call of Duty 9 season pass selling price released

Recently, the “Call of Duty 9: Black Ops 2” Season Pass now can pre-order in Steam platform, called it ultimate experience “Call of Duty 9: Black Ops 2”, because it includes 4 DLC map pack, and prices at $ 49.99.

Call of Duty 9
The players will find that this season pass does not include the game itself. It means that PC gamers will have to spend $ 110 enjoying the so-called “ultimate experience”, and this is also reason that the players who have been sniffy Activision “DLC money making machine”. The day had gone that just paying $ 50 will be able to play a game (including the later additional free content).
Certainly, some people can ignore the season pass, but among of you are really willing to pay $ 110 just to buy a game? Do not forget, we also do not include the Collector’s Edition. If this is the case, the pressure of your money in the future will become increasingly large, when more and more developers/publishers began to use the same method, you can’t complain.
The era background of “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2” is set in 2025, it will bring the players into a global conflict. Just as the major news media headlines shown to us today, players experience the high-tech weapons in the Cold War of the new century, the smart robot as well as the UAV warfare.
“Call of Duty: Black Ops 2” is scheduled to be on list on November 13, 2012, landing PC, Xbox360 and PS3.

World of Warcraft appears BUG players will be punished if enter into the copy in advance

Recently, it claimed that the “World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandanria” appeared BUG, players can advance into the two copies of the “fear of the heart” and “Yongchun Station” that have yet been opened, and there is society already getting through random team mode, obtaining 483 equipment. According to the announcement on battlenet microblogging, at present, the related vulnerability has been repaired, and the official will punish the action of destroying the game balance.

World of Warcraft
After this week maintenance, three BOSS random team mode will be unlocked after team copy “Magic Mountain treasure”, according to the unlock progress official released, the “fear of the heart “and” Yongchun Station” will be unlock in early November. But players find that under the team copy “Magic Mountain treasure”, choose to send out copy and then go to entrance of the “fear of the heart “and” Yongchun Station”, you can go directly to the two copies that have not yet opened.
It is exposed many guilds have gotten through random team mode, and members got 483 equipment. This led to discussion of a lot of friends.
Today, battlenet published announcement on microblogging: We found that some players in advance entered into the copy of the “fear of the heart” and “Yongchun station” by using BUG. Because the two copies are not yet opened, affecting the balance of the game. We had fixed this problem and made a comprehensive survey in the situation of the use of the BUG into the copy. For any breaking game balance behavior, we will be dealt severely, punitive measures, including not limited to recover all the violated items, froze accounts, etc, for players these punishments are considered as more severe penalties.
Dear players, do you support sternly dealt with players who enter into the two copies in advance?

Rift expansion new original painting show of horror monster

Magic theme online games “Rift” the next large piece of information “Storm Corps” will be formally launched on November 13, recently game official Trion Worlds released a few concept original paintings on the official blog to show the monster that will appear in this piece of information.

As shown in the picture, the characters that are recruited in the universe by the evil lords Cruci in the expansion of “Storm Corps” are element followers. The names of the monsters in the four pictures are: Shade Giant, Animator Cahail, Empyrean Arbalest, Architect.
In this piece of information will be added into two blocks of the New World, respectively are: Dusken (one piece of mainland enveloped by an atmosphere of terror), Brevane (the birthland of Telaran civilization). Besides, the new expansion will also be added in a new main city. In addition, the player’s character level cap will reach to level 60, and  players will also join the brand new apartment system.
When you read these, are you looking forward to it? I think it is worth you playing.