Absolutely can’t miss the ten big adventure games

“Indiana Jones And The Fate Of Atlantis”

Indiana Jones And The Fate Of Atlantis
After this game getting great success, the game company may soon make a continuance. Because have no film that can be based on, so the company decided to create an original story, just make up a continuance. Three kinds of game modes in the game let you experience completely different gaming fun: one is organizing team with teammates, second is given priority to solution, and finally is given priority to fighter.
The “Day of the Tentacle”
You will control three friends who tried to stop Purple Tentacle control the world. At last, your three roles respectively appeared in the building, also just is the action of one of the characters will affect another role, which will lead to the birth of some real mystery. Can you imagine the feeling that put a hamster in microwave oven?
“The storm”
Although from the original date, the clicking adventure games mostly have the same mode, but Quantic Dream game studio has been committed him to innovate this kind of game to the new generation of players. In their latest this game, you will be involved in a dark story: the four characters chase to kill a lady who killed many people in the town. The game is full of rapid response events, if don’t pass the one also will not lead to the game over, but put you down on a new story development orbit and start to go towards the other end. This is really a game can give players emotional experience.


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