A website with low-cost sells Diablo 3 entity edition only needs 9.98 dollars

A web site called Toyrus is at $9.98 the low price to sell “diablo 3″ entity edition. Go to the website, you will find, not only the ‚ÄúDiablo 3” and other games of blizzard, almost all the games are sold in 10-20 dollars or even lower price. Only a small part of the games are still sold at $49.99 or the original price.

screenshot from the website
We can see from the above screenshot, including the “Diablo 2” and “Starcraft” battlenet suits are sold at a low price of $9.98. And other classic RPG game “Titan Quest Gold Edition” and “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” are sold respectively with 7.99 and 9.98 dollars (“The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” collection edition the original price is $149.99, now sells at $99.99). However, most of the game only support to buy in the entity shop, does not support to buy by mail or book in internet.
A Toyrus staff said that because of the downturn of overall PC game sales, Toyrus plans to exit the PC game sales list. Many players said this is a sad story. Because in the United States not all places have Best Buy buying PC games, and the games in Walmart doesn’t have all. Toyrus exit all PC games market can really cause certain effect in game retail and the game purchase of PC players.


Introduce Guild wars 2 legend level weapons can only get through production syste

The “Guild Wars 2 (Reserve)” is as an action online game, equipment is not everything, but who don’t want to get good equipments? The game has been listed to be operation for more than a month, and a lot of players have also been full level, began to collect all kinds of equipment, recently ArenaNet particularly introduced the legend level weapons that players are very concerned about.

Guild wars 2
The legend level weapons can only obtain through the production, so it is impossible to get them only through continuous beating copy, if want to make equipments, shall know that required materials, this is the key point, because players themselves need to try to find out the formulation and preparing materials, which is accord with the core thought of game to encourage players to explore, certainly, you can find another player’s research results and strategy in all kinds of BBS.
Produce the legend of level weapon, first need to get exotic level of lead weapons (of course your corresponding production skills need to meet the requirements), then need gift which they can get in many areas of the Tyria mainland, different gifts can make different weapons, the last is to be ready for all kinds of ores, wood, trophy and karma points.