The Guild Wars 2 announced new content PVP league need paying

Even if the “Guild Wars 2” PVE content have greatly improved, but the PVP is still the core content of the game, a lot of players play this game is because of its unique PVP system. Recently the game designer Jonathan Sharp released an article about the PvP in the official website, for players explained some PvP content newly adding the game in the future.

Guild Wars 2
At present, the players can match in organized automatic league. In free league, players can be random team to compete for good drop reward, and random team is good for players to find playmates. In the league, there are eight teams to race, but only the top four can get the rewards treasure box, honor and level rankings. Soon, players will be able to participate in automatic league that is paid. The admission tickets that enter into the pay league can be found in precious box is free league reward, also can be bought in stone shop or gotten when the players have new PvP rankings, as a reward. Each team participates in pay league will obtain the rewards, but, fours team that show well will get better reward.
What is the better way than improving skills in the rent custom arena? Players can hire custom arena with password protection, mixed operations and setting custom map rotation. Sharp says, with pay league and custom arena on-line, players will focus on other places that makes the “Guild Wars 2” PvP become better.


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