Famous game payment platform was attacked by hacker

According to media reported, our online game payment platform PlaySpan was just attacked from the hacker, and these network games that have business with this platform have been affected in different degree because of this. It is reported, in some online games with the uncertainty name, players online account, encryption password, and E-mail all have been stolen.

After detection the situation of hackers attack, PlaySpan locked all users account, and closed the PlaySpan Marketplace platform. In addition, when the company began to thoroughly investigate the hacker attacks, at the same time, the company also requires users to change the account password.
A spokesman of PlaySpan Company said: “for the intrusion events of hacker, leading to the anger and inconvenience of our customers, we express our sincere apologies. We are very clear, PlaySpan platform business depends on the trust of the majority of customers, and the security of the platform is the major event that we need to consider. At present, we are trying our best to strengthen the overall security of PlaySpan platform.”
Happen on that thing, I want to say these hackers are abhorrent, at same time we need to more think of our net safety and improve it.


Guild Wars 2 cancels account verification locks IP to ensure safety

Guild Wars 2

Security the topic has been the major event that the “Guild Wars 2 (reserve)” needs to face, in order to be able to let the players play in a safe game, they introduced double verification system when the game began to test, one of which is require players who use IOS, Android or WP system equipment to be account verification before into the game, it also becomes more tedious steps when the players are in the process of verification.
According to insiders released, ArenaNet that is the producers of the “Guild Wars 2” game plans to remove the additional code when players enter into game through the authentication system of the mobile equipment in the near future, this also means that the players will no longer input the trival digital later when log in the game.
Meanwhile, ArenaNet said they will lock players IP address, in order to be able to make the game more safety, which can exempt from identity verification when land in game.
Are you still worried about the “Guild Wars” account safety? If you read this article, you may not have that anxiety.