Nintendo will Join in New York Comic Con

New York Comic Con, the following will be referred to the “NYCC”, will be held in this weekend, and Nintendo will also participate in the event, recently they have released plan in the NYCC and the games team.
According to the report, Nintendo will hold a special activity about “Paper Mario: sticker star”, participants will participate in this interesting activity in the front lateral of Javits Center.

Paper Mario: sticker star
And in the2921 booth of Javits Center, Nintendo will specifically hold official game for the “new super Mario brother 2” and “Sunbeam Myth: Palmer Rudi’s mirror” the two paragraphs 3 DS. In addition to the game itself, there including game theme pins, AR card, 3 DS LL host and other rewards wait for players.
In booth of Nintendo (No. 1510 booth), players can see many games of Nintendo, it also includes WiiU platform works. Specific game list can be played try as follows:
“Magical 101”, “Nintendo mainland”, “the new super Mario brother U”, “Wario and game”, “Pikmin3”, “Ninja Gaiden 3”, “Zombie U”, “Scribblenauts Unlimited”, “Rayman Legends” “Batman: Agam Armed edition”
3 DS
The “Paper Mario: sticker star “, “Crashmo” “legend Mickey Mouse: illusion strength”, “Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d You Steal Our Garbage?!” “Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask”, “Luigi’s Mansion: dark moon” “Style Savvy: Trendsetters”, ” Sunbeam Myth: Palmer Rudi’s mirror”, “New Super Mario brother 2”
“Pocket Monsters: black and white 2”
In order to celebrate the “Pocket Monsters: black and white 2” listed in North America market, Nintendo will hold also selling activities in the northern area of Javits Center. And here will be free opened to the audience in every noon to 8 PM, players can enjoy again “Pocket Monsters” picture, sculpture, stage activities, etc., and can acquire all kinds of gifts of game booths. Certainly players can also try to see new 3D illustrated handbook that will be released on November 8th.
The NYCC will be held in the period of on October 11 to October 14, believe that a series of activities Nintendo held can make the players feel the charm of games of Nintendo.


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