Diablo 3 1.05 patch formally launched adding into purgatory machine – part two

purgatory machine system

2, purgatory machine system
This is a new system to be launched in the 1.05 version. In 1.05, in a map of each chapter will refresh a purple key guardian, kill them, you have chance to get the dropping “key”, among them the key Guardian in fourth chapter will fall recipe, the former three chapters will respectively fall three different keys. In the blacksmith there can synthesize a “purgatory machine”. And then use it in the back room of the therapist of new Twistmu, can open a place leading to like BOSS House, where has two “super” BOSS waiting for you challenge. Beat them you’ll get rich dropping unlike ordinary BOSS. At the same time, they also drop unique “ring debris”, these fragments are raw materials are used to synthesize powerful “hellfire ring”.
Hellfire ring is new equipment in the 1.05 version. He is bound to the account, that is, you can’t buy this equipment in the auction house. You can only beat materials yourself and synthesis it of your own, with some randomness properties. If it is not well after synthesis, you’ll have to continue to beat the material.
Incidentally, 35% of experience value addition of the Hellfire ring is fixed. In other words, even Hellfire rings are much worse, it is a good choice when improve leveling or followers put on it.
In addition, when forge the Hellfire ring, will have the version of the three main attributes. So you do not have to worry about barbaric forging a super intelligence “binding ring”.


Diablo 3 1.05 patch formally launched adding into purgatory machine

Today, “Diablo 3” v. patch has officially released in the U.S. serve, the player can land in new game version through upgrading client.
Please note: Asian serve and European serve has not yet been completed the update, if you now upgrade to the latest version will not properly land in two servers, so as not to affect your normal game!

Diablo 3 1.05 patch
1, monster power system
This is a completely new system, players can set the strength of the monster in the game by themselves. Namely, in addition to the existing ordinary, nightmare, hell, purgatory these difficulty, you can also select “Monster Power” for your game.
Note the following sentence: “You can set any monster power under any difficulty”. Monster power is not directly related to the difficulty of the game, it is monster numerical value and other reward points intensive. No matter what any difficulty of games you choose, monster strength will strengthen or weaken difficulty in your game with the way of a kind of proportional multiplication.
Monster strength can be set to 1-10, and strength level 0 in default. Therefore, in the 1.05 version, the monster has 11 levels of difficulty. Compared to the 1.04 version, 3-4 monster strength is approximately equal to the normal difficulty before. So in fact, at 1.05 version you can choose to strengthen or weaken the monster (compared to the 1.04 version) in game.
What new ways that Monster strength system will bring:
In purgatory difficulty, it will make monsters in your whole map into 63 levels. So you can beat the best equipment anywhere, and even the ordinary monsters can drop additional items!
It will bring the addition of the high value of the MF, GF, and experience; these incentives can break 300MF limit that the system set. In 10 levels difficulty, you must get the key from the key guardian.
About the monster difficulty details, please click here!