Diablo 3 1.05 patch formally launched adding into purgatory machine – part three


Changes of global system


1, defensive skills are changed
Simple to say, the Blizzard weakens all the occupations defense skills. Because of such Sorcerer’s energy armor and barbarian roar these skills, almost every barbarian or magician player can choose them. So Blizzard thinks these skills are “too popular”, so abandon them. The specific numerical modifications can be seen in career changes.
Meanwhile, Blizzard also again weakened monster damage. At first they said that this is in order to compensate for the weakening of the defensive skills. But we now know, after having monster power system, you can actually choose weaker monsters than before to beat, or choose powerful monsters that can kill you in a few blocks to challenge.An old saying, everything is decided in mind. The key is how much ability you have!
2, crowd control skills are  changed
The magician has a kind of zippo called unlimited frozen, before a madman iced diablo  to death with unlimited ice ring in that era of “Purgatory dead dog”. At that time he was scared to miracles, and later Blizzard made related modifications. However, unlimited ice has been retained as a kind of mainstream Build. Now, Blizzard decides to change group control skills.

Diablo 3
We know, in “World of Warcraft” control skills are diminishing. The similar skills can only be used three times in a short period of time. But in Diablo 3, this kind of thing cannot appear. Therefore, changes of the Blizzard crowd control skills are:
– Added control resistant, monster is controlled several times in a short period of time, will be decreased controlling time. However, not decrease to immunity, but decreasing a corresponding proportional value. This value is not the same for each difficulty!
– Remove control skills debuff that originally was imposed on each difficulty. For this, in purgatory difficulty, you first release control skills to monster, this skill will receive full 100% control time, if you continue to use, time will begin to decline, until descending to the same degree with the previous version.
So, on the whole, this change to crowd control skills, is not weakening, but strengthening. Blizzard only changed the algorithm of crowd-control skills. Perhaps, Blizzard has another stratagem but not published.


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