Supplementary description Diablo 3 Version 1.0.5 Patch – part two

Auction House
When switch between gold auction house and the cash auction house, will save the search condition parameters.
An option shows auction house event (sale, maturity, etc.) is added to the social menu.
Players can now search off-hand item “+ damage”.
User Interface
Added a new sorting options in the search results window, in this drop-down menu records the preferred properties that players have searched (You can only choose one once).
If you need to select preferred property from the drop-down menu, click Options.
Alphabetical is now the preferred list.
The search attribute condition is added a new button “X”. Players can quickly empty all set search criteria “None”.
Right-click on the item view similar property items through “Find similar” feature.
Also in the sale of goods, a “Find Similar Items” button allows the player to quickly find similar property items on the auction house.
Bug repaired
When obtained stackable items from the auction house, the article will attempt to take up a new item column position that will have after the existing items.
In drop-down of the book page and the recipe, the color “quality” is adjusted the same with other types.
Repair a bug that can’t properly filter monks essence minimum value.


Supplementary description Diablo 3 Version 1.05 Patch

Patch updated list of Diablo 3 1.0.5 (v., please pay attention to the details of the changes in PTR version, such as BOSS first kill reward, and so on.

Diablo 3
New system: Monster Power
It is similar to Diablo 2 “Players 8” instruction. Monster power system is an optional difficult challenge mechanism for the player. In this system, players can choose monster injuries and the value of life according to the “power level”, and in accordance with the proportion to get additional experience (adding in 1-59 level roles) and Magic Find and Gold Find (adding in roles in purgatory difficulty) addition, to break through the upper limit of 300%. Monster power plays effect in all the roles of all the players, from Level 1, can change the task selection window, and can adjust respectively in the difficulty of the ordinary, nightmare, hell and purgatory.
More information can click here!
New events: Infernal Machine
The infernal machine is a “super” version of the device allowed level 60 players to challenge some of the most terrible BOSS in shelter. When defeat these BOSS, you will get a rich reward, certainly, it is conditional. Only the strongest Nefinavir Heaven can unlock the construction secret of purgatory device. Once this device is built completely can be used to open a portal to go to the face two enhanced version of BOSS battle, whether it is the difficulty or shaping. If beat the couple of BOSS, it will provide players with additional items and coins, as well as find new legendary mechanism components.