Massive new content Guild Wars 2 released Halloween promotional video

November 1th of each year is the our tradition of “Spirit Festival” – Halloween. The major game companies all see this holiday as a good opportunity to attract players, holding the various forms of interesting activities in the game before November 1. Arenanet game studio is no exception, in the eve of Halloween this year, they prepare the activities called “Mad King Shadow” for the players of “Guild Wars”.

Halloween wallpaper
Here, the mad king, in “Guild Wars 2”, is a tyranny king ruled a country. 500 years ago, the tyrant was killed by his people. At that time, the people in this country, under the rule of the mad king, suffered a great deal of pain. It is said that the people were in order to let off the accumulation of anger over the years to decompose the body of the king. The king’s soul was banished to the underground hades. However, a specific day of the year, his soul will return to earth, and that is Halloween.

Halloween wallpaper
The celebration of “Mad King Shadow” of the “Guild Wars 2” continues from October 22 to November 5. In the first four days of October 22, 26, 28 and 31, 2009, will bring additional surprise for the players.  Arenanet released a promotional video of Halloween activities for the majority of players, and Halloween-related games the original painting and wallpaper.


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