Raider Z will be OBT in the United States serve on the 24th of this month

Raider Z will be opened the beta of the game on the 24th of this month in Europe and the United States servers. To celebrate the arrival of this day, the official game production release a new promotional video, as well as some fine video screenshot.

Raider Z screenshot
This new promotional video of Raider Z focuses on the introduction of the city Rietz in the game. The appearance of the city looks very beautiful, but in the underground sewage treatment system of this city is hidden many kinds of evil creatures.
They might at any time pour out from the ground and seized the city. Their presence has caused a great deal of threat on this beautiful city.
The Raider Z is a free action online game. It is understood that
the game client has begun to be sold, players who buy the elite version of the client, will also receive closed beta status of “Neverwinter Night”.
In this month, in addition to “Raider Z” being OBT, also has another ten game will be opened beta, which means that in future, player will have more game to choose to play.


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