Rift the first test releases the core gameplay

Today, the United States 3D fantasy online game “Rift” that is developed by Trion Worlds that took five years to research and development, opens the first beta at 19:00. This test uses the latest 1.9 version client of the U.S. server, the highest level will be up to level 30, in addition, players can explore the area, play copy, etc, but the senior Map and senior copy are relatively difficult for players.

rift system
The most important feature of the “Rift” is a dynamic world, in the game provides the rift system, the world incursions events, etc. From its setting point of view, wild rift invasive is different from routine PVE and PVP. Field interaction of the players will be strengthened to a certain extent. Players during the game, at any time will encounter huge cracks appearing in the sky, and this rift will bring six enemies from different planes. These enemies will make a huge impact in the original environment of the game, if not to control them, places where players often kill the monster will be attacked daily, even occupy of all the task villages where players are in. Thus each time when players are on-line games, is likely to face a different game enviroment. The game environment itself is changing, need the players to respond and adjust timely.


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