“Elder Scrolls OL” demo experience worth expecting

ZeniMax Online in May of this year published a number of relevant game details about “the Elder Scrolls OL”, and players have different repercussions for the game content. Recently, media reporters in the United States visited the game studio. During the time, he also was fortunately to demo the “Elder Scrolls OL” that currently is still in the development, and released some interesting features of this game.

Elder Scrolls OL
According to the reporter demo and introduction, “Elder Scrolls Online”, here we referred to as TESO) is some different from the most current games on the market, here the different means, all the career can be equipped with any type of weapons and armor. In addition, all the character skills are divided into two kinds, one is public class skills, the other is additional skill. Getting public class skills is according to the proficiency of combat way that players use, the combat way refers to the what kind of weapons player use, is single hand + shield, or dual wield or hands, etc. And obtain additional skills are according to players attribute points which are distribution to players three main attributes – health value, manual value, the proportion of mana value to determine. For example, you add most attribute points to the physical value, the character will get passive skills that movement speed increases and recovering health value and life value skills after killing the monster. Because skill system is such continuity characteristics, therefore truly reflecting the characteristics of a profession is the only one professional exclusive skills. For example, the career dragon knight, it exclusive skill is altering reality.
If you had played the other games of the “Elderly Scrolls” series, so you’ll soon understand the operation mode of TESO. WASD is used to move characters. The mouse controls face direction. Space key is jumping. Shift key is used to accelerate running. Fight control also is the same with the former the “Elderly Scroll OL”. Click the left mouse button waves weapons, press the mouse left key is storage force, hold the right is blocking an attack.


Mists of Pandanria – conquer points limit

Recently, we see some players have doubt about the getting mode of the upper limit of conquering points. Getting methods of conquering points limit are divided into three categories:
* Rating battlefield – rating battlefield default conquers points cap is 1650, which can be improved the limit with the increase of rating battlefield integral, by joining rating battlefield to do higher challenge to make limit raised.
* arena – arena default conquers points cap for 1350, which is ascended with the increase of the arena integral.
* Random warfield – random battlefield default conquer points limit is according to the above two upper limit. It will match according to the lower limit of the above two conquer points. For example: if a player does not play rating battlefield, but through a high score arena team makes his weekly conquer points cap raised to 2000, then his random battlefield conquer points cap will be up to 1650 because of his rating battlefield conquers points cap.
Be aware that this is not a recent change. The ceiling system has existed in the 4.2 patch of “World of Warcraft: Cataclysm”. The recent online correction has revised the higher limit between  the two of random battlefield conquer points.