Not to be missed Ghost Story Q Biography on the eve of Halloween

No bounding gold ingots which is controlled by yourself, makes you happy during the entire Halloween
On October 31, the closed beta test of the “Ghost Story Q Biography” is on hot starting. During the event, as long as the players daily log in can receive online awards, limited time to experience fashion, limited time to experience horse, and other surprisings are all yours! Participate in “Level Competition”, or practicing level inside the seal testing server, players have the opportunity to win the bulk golden ingot, gold ingots are non-binding, you can dominate them according to yourself! In this time, I quietly told the players: during the event must seize the time to upgrade, because of the higher level of players, the more gold bullions they get, later you are no longer afraid of buying props, pet, and equipment without money! In addition, during the event, it has the opening hours of double experience! Massive experience, gold ingots, and various props are all necessary, players hurry up to put them in the bag!
Halloween special activities staged: kill monsters to get “pumpkin”
In the world of “Ghost Story”, during the period of Halloween, it must be “haunted”! Halloween is approaching. The pumpkin monster teamed to enter into Hangzhou City! Players are not fooled by their naive and cute appearance, their purpose is to capture the city of Hangzhou, a paradise on earth, so players did not hesitate, and quickly picked up your weapons in the hands to kill a variety of pumpkin monsters! When kill the monsters to protect their home, at the same time players can also get a colorful pumpkin, holding them they can exchange for double experience time, precious VIP time and the Halloween limited edition pets kid Dodo!
Players can’t miss the hot party! In this game, we have only a problem, it is only Chinese, so we can’t understand it, even though it is an interesting game.


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