What game we can play during the Halloween – StoneAge

Halloween is also known as Halloween, in the eve of Halloween. On October 31 of each year, the devil will open the door of the supernatural. Kids wear a colorful costume and wear strange masks, carrying a lantern “Jack light” to go to others’ house to obtain candy. In this distant original continent, how to complete the task of the original people and how to obtain their Halloween gift? StoneAge Carnival Halloween, brings mysterious gifts for players!

Halloween Wizard: It is Halloween. I want to plant pumpkin. Please help me find seven pumpkins stem on the island of Bora 50 years ago, even if it didn’t grow the pumpkins, will give you other incentives. As long as have pumpkin or pumpkin lights in the village heads of Mary Nasi village, Hotter village, KeErKe village, exchange the Halloween gift.
Pumpkin sculptor: Carving pumpkins is an art, and if you have a chisel, I can help you carve pumpkins into pumpkin lantern.
At 8:00 on the October 31 – at 8:00 on the November 7
Active process:
1, the players have a dialogue with NPC Halloween Wizard, get props pumpkin head.
2, after having pumpkin head in backpack, enter into heroes Island to attack Baduolanen who loves pumpkin, and Oka Los, it has a certain probability to fall pumpkin vine.
3, carrying 7 pumpkins vine to find NPC Halloween elves, you have a certain probability to exchange the pumpkin. The pumpkin Vine exchange does not limit the number of times.
Optional: Use pumpkin and graver (mall props) to exchange pumpkin lights in the NPC pumpkin sculptor, after having pumpkin lantern, have dialogue with four village heads to receive random rewards.
4, carry pumpkins or pumpkin lights to our village head to exchange reward props. You can exchange once every day. After exchange, players can get randomly rewarded.
All Neolithic players all can get Halloween gifts in the place of four village heads. Every day can exchange once.


Final Fantasy 14 celebration of closing server will be held today

The old versionof “Final Fantasy XIV”, which is still running, will soon become a thing of the past. Sci Kuier Enix announced, in order to welcome¬† the arrival of “Final Fantasy 14” version 1.0 “A Realm Reborn” of the November 11, “Final Fantasy 14” will be held a grand celebration of closing server on the 31th of this month in the game, later the whole game begins to transform to the new version.

Final Fantasy XIV
This ceremony is called “The Seventh Umbral Era”. After that, the players need to wait for some time until the new version of the on-line, players will be able to enter the server in the new version. In that time, the player’s character data will be saved, and then transferred to the new version.
In addition, Enix will hold the limited closed beta activity for “A Realm Reborn”, players who want to participate in the closed beta of the game, the players can go to the official website for the qualification test. “A Realm Reborn” will bring significant changes to “Final Fantasy 14”. The game is not only adding new characters created function, and a new currency system, but also the launch of the PS3 version.