Diablo 3 U.S.server 1.0.6 patch formally launched

Diablo 3 1.0.6 patch

According to report, “Diablo 3” patch 1.0.6 currently has been online in the American servers. Please read the following complete list of patch changes in order to understand the patch.
Note: Please note that you can only land if the server you are in also is updated to 1.0.6 version. If you log in Europe server or Asian server client, you must wait for the patch contents mounting to enter the game. In addition, if your area is in the United States, before Europe and Asia server 1.0.6 being online, you will not be able to visit the server through the Global Play function.
Diablo 3 patch 1.0.6 – v.
The latest client patch announcement can be seen here.
Visit BUG reporting forum to view the list of known issues.
— And we are about to begin to test the small function of Battle Network (mainly is related to communications and landing). “Diablo 3” 1.0.6 patch includes test data, but please note that these changes are not visible on the player and will not affect the player experience.
Restore BUG
— Restore the problem that players can skip 1 second transaction interval in the trading window when exchange goods.
— Restore the problem that dropping the same items if players use intimidating roar to sweep the enemy’s roar.
If you encounter technical problems when updates or encounter problems when connect to battle net after installation, or encounter problems when carry out a new version of the game, please visit our support site or technical support plate for help.

The most anticipated new games in 2013 comparable to Hollywood movie

In 2013 will appear a lot of many new games, in addition to several classic game sequel, there are several new game series will meet with us. We reserve the right to modify this game to be on sale in 2013, the new list, some of you may have never heard. Anyway, we together look at these games.

From the “Resident Evil” to survival horror game “ZWei”, Shinji Mikami returns to our line of sight with a cool new concept. We really wait for long time, however, from Zwei show picture view. It will be a very valuable original works.

Remember Me
“Remember Me”
The game looks like the protagonist is a woman’s sci-fi version of “Uncharted”, and also has puzzle elements. The game elements are only demonstrated in trailer, the quality is common from a gameplay perspective, but it is a good highlight that changes the memory to affect people’s behavior. How bright is this highlights just? We have to wait until it will release next year.

Watch Dogs
“Watch Dogs”
“Watch Dogs” the promo was known as the most exciting trailer of the year in E3 Electronic Game Show, let us see the hope of the next generation of games. The game is set in a modern society, surrounded into the modern infrastructure. It must be a very interesting adventure game next year. In game videos of the last, shooting scene looks like a little too much, so I hope that when the “watchdog” will be released in the next year, does not become a nondescript third-person shooter game.

Bungie’s performance in the “Halo” series of games has been close to perfect, because the “Halo” has been released in 2001 that has aroused strong repercussions. “Halo” series of games, are famous for rich game world and no boundary map. So this latest massively multiplayer online games also are the games that play full effect in the Bungie team of expertise. I believe this uncanny workmanship will make Bungie once again shocked the gaming world.

Cyberpunk 2077
“Cyberpunk 2077”
This game will be released by CDP did not get any awards, but from the CDP Game company history result, obviously this game will not be absolutely ceezy. In my imagination, it should be a bit like “The Witcher”, but it is no lack of light rifles and other weapons. I hope “Cyberpunk 2077” is not the one in my imagine when it is released.

Google releases releasing Android version of kind of Warcraft game

Ingress game

According to foreign media reports, Google today released a new game on the android platform – Ingress. The game can combine the real scene and building in the real world with the virtual network, to let gamers experience personally and complete the plot and task in science fiction movies through Android devices.
The Ingress game is completed by the former Google Earth Project Director John Hanke and its Niantic studio. The game can be loaded through Google Play Mall download from today.
According to the Google official game video introduction, Ingress is a “real virtualization” works the similarity with these games such as World of Warcraft. The players all over the world can participate in them. The players will be divided into two factions: one party, the main attack, the other party, defense. Prompted by the game content, players need to be in person at a specific real life in the real scene to complete the task. Tasks are included attack energy points and transmit information,etc. Players will experience the sci-fi movie feeling through the game.

Rift the United States new version is on-line


“Storm Corps” is the latest expansion of the “Rift (microbiology) “, and it was finally formally online today.
To celebrate the arrival of this moment, game maker Trion Worlds released the brand new video of this game, in order to celebrate the “Storm Corps” formally launched.
It is understood that the game update will make the role of the level cap to 60 this time, will add a lot of new content with sneak element into the game.
In addition, the game producer Scott said in an interview, the “Storm Corps” is a dynamic game content, and its huge content will make players feel incredibly, so they thank the players for the support of the game here.
It is a good news, players who very like this game can play well, I am looking forward to the game can be online in other servers

What games are popular for use for reference – part four

9. “Uncharted”
Learn from the game: “Tomb Raider”

Uncharted and Tomb Raider
Although Ms. Laura’s adventurous career is more or less affected by the “Indiana Jones”, “Tomb Raider” created a unique adventure style introduced “Uncharted” into a new realm.
In addition to the small pistol, the two games are focused on exploring the wild world and ancient ruins. Ibesides, the ultimate mainline and sudden extension also have a good balance.
10. “Angry Birds”
Learn from the game: “castle attack”

Angry Birds and castle attack
“Angry Birds” is called the God of leisure game industry, but the basic concepts are almost entirely from a Flash game castle attack “transplant, only the king and the guards have turned into a pig, that’s right, even a pig is just a king pig!
“The Castle Attack” also has the same addictive game system. Players throw rocks to attack the castle, triggering the collapse and explosion. “Angry Birds” cleverly borrowed combating mechanism, with cartoon style and touch-screen systems.
Moreover, “Angry Birds” have unlimited potential, we can say that there are countless derivative works to be developed.

What games are popular for use for reference – part three

6 “Gunstar Heroes”
Learn from the game: “Contra”

Gunstar Heroes and Contra
Not to say that the “Contra” is the ancestor of the horizontal version of the pass game, the latter games are all imitation works, but this Sega “Gunstar Heroes” is too similar.
This is the first work of the treasure, is also one of their best works. As a classical action games, Gunstar Heroes has almost all the charming elements. It perfectly combines the CONTRA hot shooting and the HD version of passing of fighting action together. In addition, two very cute heroes, enemies like animation performances and magnificent SEVEN FORCE, are all the success key of this work. “Gunstar Heroes” once made me addiction, after that no game can reach this environment.
7 “World of Warcraft”
Learn from the game: “Everquest”

World of Warcraft and Everquest
Before “Everquest”, there is no game has such a huge MMORPG fantasy game world. How the Blizzard is to derive of inspiration from it?
“Everquest” offers players a variety of options, allowing the player to understand them what to do in that universe, and make friends, familiar story. Depicted in Azeroth, Blizzard tries to make all players easy to accept, supplemented by single-player missions, multiplayer co-main. WOW picture and characters EQ did not dare to imagine.
8 “war machine”
Learn from the game: “A Time to Kill”

war machine and A Time to Kill
The “war machine” can be said to set off a frenzy of bunker actual game, but it is actually not the first.
In 2003, a “easily forgotten” military theme shooting game “A Time to Kill” is the ancestor. Compared to other shooting games with hitting and running, this time players hide behind the blindage, shooting with awkward movement.
Epic Games find his screen advantage and the game mechanics to greatly attract widespread attention, and also do the game more fascinating, are full of playability and explosive.

What games are popular for use for reference – part two

3. “LittleBigPlanetKarting”
Learn from the game: “Mario Kart”

LittleBigPlanetKarting and Mario Kart
Perhaps any Nintendo fans may be hard to imagine, and friends who don’t infrequently contact with home machine may not know. This kid with hemp cloth will soon replace in the leading position of the plumber in the entertainment racing world.
Compared with “Mario Kart”, the biggest highlight of this game is supporting for players homemade share track. In theory, this can create countless variety of track to practice your drift skills. In addition, the game has its own unique beauty.
Each prop has defensive role. Degree of difficulty and fun is also much larger than the other.
4 “Torchlight 2”
Learn from the game: “Diablo” series

Torchlight 2 and Diablo
Red Devil and its underground army trained a number of the click of a mouse warrior, but the third-generation games didn’t have much progress. Only the story line became into Demon Fuzion.
“Torchlight 2” producers are a group of former producers of “Diablo” games, the whole game looks like slow-motion of “Diablo 3”, and creative class also allows players to have more kind of magic change.
It is evidently that the Runic Games grasps the essence.
5. “Amara Kingdom”
Learn from the game: “Fable”

Amara Kingdom and Fable
Some people say, “Amara Kingdom” is a poor version of “The Elder Scrolls”, in fact, it is not appropriate to take this contrast between the two, one focuses on action, the other focuses on the RPG.
“Amara Kingdom” is more like the feeling of “Fable”, weaken the moral choice and marriage functions, has more fast-paced combat and a combination of magic and martial arts. “Fable” series is most unfortunate recently, though they are still existing!