Who dare to play these absolute terror games – part two

This is an exploration terrorist game, is developed by independent studio LunarSoftware. In the game, your task is in the space station to find the missing team. The game is full of environmental crisis, monsters and other elements, so it is absolutely a game that you can’t miss.

Dead Space 3
The “Dead Space 3”
When it comes to science fiction terrorist game, in the past ten years we have many classic.
Although the “Dead Space 2” is more like action game, and obviously
include the cooperation pattern to weaken the terrorist forces, but the “Dead Space 3” still has hopes to become the most horrible game in 2013.

The “Dementium2”
This is a terrorist survival game that was first released in 2007 in DS. It will be planned to release next year on the PC. Although DS edition game received moderate comments, they have the experience, so believe a lot of good ideas have been kept down. Hope this game can be suitable for PC, worth us waiting.
The “Metro: Last Light”
Although it had been widely reported due to artificial intelligence problems, “Metro: Last Light” still lets players experience some nervous moments. “Metro: Last Light” will be released next year, if the game developers 4AGames can be divergent thinking, such a game absolutely can let them make a fortune.


Who dare to play these absolute terror games

It seems that human beings specially love the thing that has strong stimulation in sensory, from all kinds of popular erotic games, we can see. But when it comes to
Sensory stimulation, compared to the terror games, it is completely weak.
Terrorist game has been hot topic that people take delight in talking about since its birth, the game screen is more and more lifelike and also let terror game more and more deep sensory stimulation. Today is Halloween; let’s look at what terrorist games all are there in these years?
Let’s look at terrorist games that will be released in 2013…

Until Dawn
“Until Dawn”
“Until Dawn” used the adolescent horror movie that was seldom used, and the “Obscure” that also tried to be used as teenagers horror movie is a very good PS2 game. But “Until Dawn” tried to follow, and the game’s plot will develop with player progress, believes that they can achieve success in 2013.
“Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs”
As a real terrorist game of the past few years, “Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs” has been captured the heart of many players. Its continuance will be released in 2013, so we are looking forward to having one real terrorist game to meet with us in 2013.
“Among the sleep”
As the first person surrealism terrorist game, the game will definitely make you scared like a child. The game is like a bold narrative machine, described an extremely horrible story. From the trailer to see, the game is still working on.

Among the sleep
Compared to other terrorist games, “Darkness” more is full of secret action and action elements, and the “Darkness” lets you have a vampire addiction. In the game, the players play a memory loss vampire, and their mission is to explore his true appearance.