Resurrection time penalty will be modified in the next patch

Death in the game is a painful thing. You have to once again re-challenge the powerful BOSS, whether it is dodging attacks and attack like a dance mat, or a variety of QTE (Of course, there is no in Diablo), or need to see the opportunity to fierce hit keyboard to be output, you need to challenge again.
In STD mode of Diablo 3, player death will lose 10% of the equipment durable, there will be a resurrection of time to punish (if you die too many times), and most critical, if you died in the end of the underground city, you have to run along the road again. We already have the double penalty of time and money, why should again add more time and operation?
Community Manager Lylirra rejected the players raised the imagine that put the battle flag as the resurrection point. But she also cleared to say that resurrection time of the players in the next patch will be fixed for five seconds to improve the resurrection time and running time to double punishment.The players said:
Please allow us to place banners in the underground city, so that we can be resurrected after death nearby banners.Every time finally died in the underground city and then has to start again at the entrance, kept running. If you die too much time, after that there has been a resurrection time penalty. We do not want to spend additional time on running when go forward.
This would be a cool feature for people who want to play so. If you do not, no problem.I do not think it can interrupt the game.
Thank you for your consideration.
The community of the game said
As some players pointed out, allows players to resurrection near the banners will be very complicated and will lead to some situation that we avoid at the beginning of our designing “Diablo 3” (which is why we do not allow players to use town Porta like in the Diablo 2). We appreciate your feedback, and we will continue to consider how to adopt this way – or a similar way- to improve.
So, we fully agree banners role is very monotonous and we very much hope to be more useful. If you can recommend other useable for banners, please let us know!


Who dare to play these absolute terror games – part five

“Silent Hill´╝ÜBook of Memories”
The game is the highest support rate of the game in the forum, the reason is obvious, and this is the series for the first time to join a multiplayer cooperative mode.

Silent hill: Collection HD
“Silent hill: Collection HD”
We have to admit players are still quite high expectations to game, students, so friends who want to become nurses should be quickly!
“Silent Hill: Rainstorm”
As the third sequel of “Silent Hill” series, players have waited for long time, although exchanging the developers, from the currently released screenshots and news to see, the quality is quite good.

The game can be said to be a big black horse in the 2012 horror games. It has been for a long time that horror game is always surrounded a strong man that can save world, but the theme of the game is “a helpless little Lolita against terrorist biological”. The novel theme is worth you having a try.

The Secret world
“The Secret world”
The game is combined with modern urban horror story, the mysterious legends of the ancient and beautiful picture. More importantly, this is an online game, players no longer wander alone in the eerie grave, and unity is strength!
“Dead Rising 3”
Currently, there is no much message about this sequel of the zombie game, only some of the news about the protagonist of the game and story background. Consider to Capcom’s usual style, I believe we will soon be able to see the game videos.

Alan Wake: American Nightmare
“Alan Wake: American Nightmare”
The game enjoys a high reputation in the terrorist game groups. Dark game atmosphere nuanced role portrayed and smooth fighting make players be unable to stop.
“The Last of Us”
Obviously, it is also a survival class horror game. The game is more like a terrorist version of “Uncharted”. You can imagine, this game is developed by Naughty Dog will certainly be amazing screen, ready to enjoy a visual feast!
It is impacted by the rumors of canceled development, but the players still have not forgotten the game. The first game is a very mature horror game, especially added with various patches, and its atmosphere of terror is as well as a horror movie.

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