What are good games in our fingertip – from the Snake

Now, the mobile phone has covered communication, entertainment, business and other fields, the mobile phone game also far don’t like our impression of the “pac-man”, “snake” and so on the crude screen and simple rules game, and then developed to that extent that can rival with handheld device, with a very strong sense of entertaining and interactive complex form. You will find that a mobile phone is enough to meet your most of entertainment need, in which also has many enduring classic game, is worthy to be remembered. Now let’s inventory of those good games in our finger world together.

First global users favor mobile game is the Nokia “snake”. The game started to pre-install in the Nokia 6110 equipment in 1997. Relevant report points out more than one billion people have played the game. The same with other mobile phone games in the same period, this kind of labyrinth customs clearance games just are composed by some dynamic dot and line, but it may be said that the game is the most well-known handheld game before the Game Boy “tetris” released. Simple abstract form overturned thoroughly the function of mobile equipment. A large number of similar content were emerging then, but the device hardware maximum limited programmers play. Black and white screen and digital keyboard can present very limited content, but some developers utmostly excavated equipment potential, making card games, shooting games, and even car racing games, which opened a new era of mobile games.


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