Zombie war Pay props system exposure to denial-of-money players

Zombie war

Recently, Hammerpoint was exposure to the media “zombie war” paid props system.
First of all, in the game will not sell high-powered weapons and props. Money players can lose hope. Secondly, in the game, most of the props are on sale need to use the in-game virtual currency to buy, and virtual currency can’t be bought with real world money, players must search and earn in the game. When you start the game, you cannot buy anything.
In addition, in the game also has a “gold coin”. Players can get it in the game and can also buy them. The props that players use all the gold to buy are clothing, image and so on, in addition to can enhance the visual effects, so you cannot get any advantage. There are some rare props found in the game world, and never will appear on store shelves.
The sale of props in the game, includes the type of ammunition, food, drinks, bandages, tools, clothing, appearance, and medicines. According to demo staff revealed, the greater number of bullets and bandages, the more you will obtain huge advantage.


Beat or not beat Warcraft 5.1 courage points can be used for promoting device

World of Warcraft

Players who are familiar with the “World of Warcraft” all know the courage point, point of justice, honor points, conquer points and other kinds of point can be used to exchange equipment or other items in the game, so beat points is the daily task that a lot of players do after the full level, in U.S. server testing, the upcoming 5.1 patch has a new purpose – to make these points to upgrade equipment levels.
According to reports, the players can spend 750 courage or conquer points to improve four grades of equipment level, they can be upgraded to 2 times, besides, you can spend 1500 justice points or honor points to increase equipment level by eight grades, the approximate rule is courage points and justice points can upgrade PvE equipment, honor points and conquest points are used to enhance the PvP equipment, now I do not see what the equipment can not be upgraded, but each piece of equipment most can be upgraded by eight level.
This may be good news for players, who have no team or do not have time to play, raid or even “black face”, they can make up for the shortage of these equipment level through these points, they can especially some of the copy of the hero level and random raid lowest equipment and other requirements. But there are also players think that it is excuse clearly of Blizzard allowing players to constantly beat monster, and continuing to do daily task, we have previously reported that 5.1 will open a new faction and new daily task, if the function that using the points to upgrade equipment level really came to a formal service, will you beat it or not?

COD Black Ops 2 also has been revealed the same with Halo 4


According to the latest news, the game mirror of the Xbox 360 version of “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2” has been revealed to the Internet, which, it is following Microsoft “Halo 4”, recently again release event of heavyweight game work.
This time, the original revealed mirror is first uploaded to piracy web site by a user named “BAD2 BoN3”, the users said that the mirror image can be operated perfectly in host machine after tested, wand need to point out specially, this “BAD2 BoN3” user is the same “Halo 4” leak.
Affected by this, it is predicted that the detailed stratage of the game, and even the final outcome would have appeared in the next few days. This will undermine the gaming experience of the players who are willing to buy genuine games to a certain extent.
At present, Trayarch studio and Activision have begun to find the reason for the game mirrored leaked, and as far as possible to reduce the losses caused by the spill, after all, “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2” for game developers and publishers, are the most important one of the game works this year.
According to previous news, “Call of Duty: Black Ops” will be officially landed PS3, Xbox 360 and PC platforms in November 13th, 2012.

What are good games in our fingertip world – Legend World


“Legend” series can be described as an evergreen tree of the online game, according to Reuters textual research. The game was the earliest online game to be built-in mobile end. In game version of E680g, in fact, the only change is built into this phone online game “World of Legend”. Although this is not a network game first appearing on the phone, it is the first time that vendor built-in mobile network games and focused on the introduction, which signs network games officially landed phone field.
“World Online” is a turn-class mobile phone network game, no gorgeous screen, or also non-epic, it advocated a free-spirited world, the biggest feature is to create a new personal interactive urban systems. From the beginning of non-smart phones, “the world’s online” have taken up the banner of mobile games, later period landing the PC platform by the simulator, quickly seize smart platform to become the first monthly income break millions of Android. Not long ago, this manual game crossed the manual game chronicle hardcore Log App store. If the statistics, “World Online” is very likely to become a cross-platform up, the best money-making domestic manual game.
In 2009, Rovio released “Angry Birds” game, a leisure puzzle game based on the smart phone touch screen, and thus became a global phenomenon after 2010. “Angry birds” game constantly refreshes global record of success. Game screen is cartoon and cute, full of fun, but not lack of difficulty and challenge, so for these games won high popularity in a very short time, become the most popular hot mobile game. Now you can play “Angry Birds” on any platform, if you do not believe you can find, even if it is unpopular Nokia the four digits of the series.