Are you curious about the ending of 10 classic games – part two

Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2
At the end of the first game, we know that the Reapers are still a threat. But this is not considered to tantalize, is it right? In the “Mass Effect 2”, in that suicide journey, Normandy members were in order to destroy the Reapers to make great sacrifices. Regardless of whether you received the Mirage people’s praise, the final outcome is a team of Reapers walking toward to the direction of the Milky Way, whether you are very curious about how the last step of this game trilogy will be to splice this outcome?

Modern Warfare 2
Modern Warfare 2
“Modern Warfare 2” still is about the war between Russia’s extreme nationalists and the Western world. Especially the group 141 once again is required to deal with the most dangerous tasks. Lance Corporal Joseph Allen undercover operation was found to be a result of the tensions between the two countries. The task of this period is more dangerous.
Captain Price, as an ex-convict, has become the principal leaders of this battle. Under his help, avoid several crises in Washington, DC. Soap captain went to Makarov, but found their commander. General Shepherd had betrayed them.
In the last scene, Soap captain pulled out a knife inserted in the chest straightly threw into Sheffield eyes. The game ending is finding a safe place to cure Soap. So if we want to know the ending, we should be prepared to buy “Modern Warfare 3”.

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