Are you curious about the ending of 10 classic games

A good story always has a good ending. The game is also true. Sometimes, however, the developers of a game series have thought of a good set of players tempt appetite plan. The following is ten game cases that players are favorite, look at how they let players be unable to stop it!

To my surprise, such a game did not have much profit, because a large number of players have been looking forward to seeing the plot and the appetizing ending of the game story! Follow our protagonist, we find an evil organization called XX, and eliminate its members. At the end of the game, the boss of this organization is the brother of the assassinated president, and it is he planned to assassinate the president. He will besiege you in his office, the game has no clear ending, you can see the ending in comic books, if you can find the comic book.

Halo 2
Halo 2
I know not everyone is so fond of “Halo 2”, but the end of the game, it has laid a good foundation for the third game. Cortana are left in the High Charity, was captured by the Graveind finally, there will be more halo appearing; Master Chief has begun to go to earth; when he was asked what he will do, he said, “go to end of the battle!”

Warcraft 3
Warcraft 3
“Warcraft 3” Game time is very long, and the tour of Alsace is particularly difficult. The Lordaeron Crown Prince is determined to root out the evil in the world. With the deepening of his mission, he was loss of his sanity, and used the cursed sword, his new mission is to cooperate with the Lich King, induced the legions of undead, and thus cleaned up the world. He successfully owns the throne, but the ending of the world is still unknown. So if you want to beat Alsace to bring peace to the world, you want to play on for hundreds of hours. Good luck to you!


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