What games are popular for use for reference – part two

3. “LittleBigPlanetKarting”
Learn from the game: “Mario Kart”

LittleBigPlanetKarting and Mario Kart
Perhaps any Nintendo fans may be hard to imagine, and friends who don’t infrequently contact with home machine may not know. This kid with hemp cloth will soon replace in the leading position of the plumber in the entertainment racing world.
Compared with “Mario Kart”, the biggest highlight of this game is supporting for players homemade share track. In theory, this can create countless variety of track to practice your drift skills. In addition, the game has its own unique beauty.
Each prop has defensive role. Degree of difficulty and fun is also much larger than the other.
4 “Torchlight 2”
Learn from the game: “Diablo” series

Torchlight 2 and Diablo
Red Devil and its underground army trained a number of the click of a mouse warrior, but the third-generation games didn’t have much progress. Only the story line became into Demon Fuzion.
“Torchlight 2” producers are a group of former producers of “Diablo” games, the whole game looks like slow-motion of “Diablo 3”, and creative class also allows players to have more kind of magic change.
It is evidently that the Runic Games grasps the essence.
5. “Amara Kingdom”
Learn from the game: “Fable”

Amara Kingdom and Fable
Some people say, “Amara Kingdom” is a poor version of “The Elder Scrolls”, in fact, it is not appropriate to take this contrast between the two, one focuses on action, the other focuses on the RPG.
“Amara Kingdom” is more like the feeling of “Fable”, weaken the moral choice and marriage functions, has more fast-paced combat and a combination of magic and martial arts. “Fable” series is most unfortunate recently, though they are still existing!


What games are popular for use for reference

Innovation is always the important factor that most attract players, and now more and more valuable, but it doesn’t mean that the not innovative game will certainly fail. Sometimes take example by existing elements of success, is also not a bad idea.
The next several games, are successful “use for reference” typical examples. They take their expertise to make their own style. As long as you are not the same with the game code of someone else.
1. “League of Legends”
Learn from the game: “DotA”

League of Legends and DotA
It is not to be said, this problem has already caused countless hatred, and sparked numerous debates.
“League of Legends” players now increase with thousands. The core and casual players are all attracted. The same the three road maps, the same champion concept and team are greater than the individual style of the game. All are from the classic Warcraft Map Dota.
However, LoL game relays on the features of easy to get started and fresh and bright screen, simple operation to attract a large number of players: each hero has more skills, more cooling time, and less the tug of war.
2. “Sleeping Dogs”
Learn from the game: “Batman: Arkham City”, “GTA4”

Sleeping Dogs and Batman: Arkham City
When United Front games were in the development of this background on Hong Kong action crime game, certainly like shopping at the supermarket, one side is walking, the other side pick all the essence of the game system.
The producer said: in “True Crime” series, we do too many open world and task as the leading games, why not try that unarmed combat? Introduced the system of “Arkham Asylum” counterattack, better put into the shopping cart! ‘
Fortunately, the game uses for reference other games, but very successful, fight is more close to reality, it is unique.