Google releases releasing Android version of kind of Warcraft game

Ingress game

According to foreign media reports, Google today released a new game on the android platform – Ingress. The game can combine the real scene and building in the real world with the virtual network, to let gamers experience personally and complete the plot and task in science fiction movies through Android devices.
The Ingress game is completed by the former Google Earth Project Director John Hanke and its Niantic studio. The game can be loaded through Google Play Mall download from today.
According to the Google official game video introduction, Ingress is a “real virtualization” works the similarity with these games such as World of Warcraft. The players all over the world can participate in them. The players will be divided into two factions: one party, the main attack, the other party, defense. Prompted by the game content, players need to be in person at a specific real life in the real scene to complete the task. Tasks are included attack energy points and transmit information,etc. Players will experience the sci-fi movie feeling through the game.