The most anticipated new games in 2013 comparable to Hollywood movie

In 2013 will appear a lot of many new games, in addition to several classic game sequel, there are several new game series will meet with us. We reserve the right to modify this game to be on sale in 2013, the new list, some of you may have never heard. Anyway, we together look at these games.

From the “Resident Evil” to survival horror game “ZWei”, Shinji Mikami returns to our line of sight with a cool new concept. We really wait for long time, however, from Zwei show picture view. It will be a very valuable original works.

Remember Me
“Remember Me”
The game looks like the protagonist is a woman’s sci-fi version of “Uncharted”, and also has puzzle elements. The game elements are only demonstrated in trailer, the quality is common from a gameplay perspective, but it is a good highlight that changes the memory to affect people’s behavior. How bright is this highlights just? We have to wait until it will release next year.

Watch Dogs
“Watch Dogs”
“Watch Dogs” the promo was known as the most exciting trailer of the year in E3 Electronic Game Show, let us see the hope of the next generation of games. The game is set in a modern society, surrounded into the modern infrastructure. It must be a very interesting adventure game next year. In game videos of the last, shooting scene looks like a little too much, so I hope that when the “watchdog” will be released in the next year, does not become a nondescript third-person shooter game.

Bungie’s performance in the “Halo” series of games has been close to perfect, because the “Halo” has been released in 2001 that has aroused strong repercussions. “Halo” series of games, are famous for rich game world and no boundary map. So this latest massively multiplayer online games also are the games that play full effect in the Bungie team of expertise. I believe this uncanny workmanship will make Bungie once again shocked the gaming world.

Cyberpunk 2077
“Cyberpunk 2077”
This game will be released by CDP did not get any awards, but from the CDP Game company history result, obviously this game will not be absolutely ceezy. In my imagination, it should be a bit like “The Witcher”, but it is no lack of light rifles and other weapons. I hope “Cyberpunk 2077” is not the one in my imagine when it is released.