20,000 dollars the most expensive items transaction record in the history of Diablo 3

Thank you for player cobra22 sharing this information with us, he just saw it in the famous Diablo 3 forum, found this shocking transaction record. Perfect echoed Fury (commonly known as the BUG hammer) the final sale price is up to 40 billion coins. According to the ratio conversion of gold price in U.S. server, this price is almost equal to twenty thousand dollars!! Let’s take a look at the items attributes:

Properties Screenshots
We see two random properties, 100% crit damage and slots the two are the most critical attributes, at the same time the white word damage almost arrives peak, together with the properties of the popular forces, it is perfect!
A player brings the latest information, and its owner has no suspense to plug in 100% crit gems.
But here still want to take this opportunity to remind, the  third-party transaction  may exist in various risks, make sure that remain caution when do transaction.

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  1. Preciso jogar mais e vender itens tbem.

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