Blade and soul official professional orientation

Although in many ways the Spirit swordsmen and swordsmen alike, such as occupational names, formulas, etc, but in essence, the spirit of the place swordsmen few differences, determine the positioning of the team spirit swordsmen, and swordsmen as well as several other very different occupations.

Spirit is a swordsman who hates you attract?

Not. Swordsmen have broken moves, there is cut boxer boxing, this way, they can act as the team’s main key to attract hatred. But spiritual swordsman is very different, he did not powerful defensive moves, which mean spiritual leader swordsmen monster cannot afford injuries, so spiritual leader swordsmen to attract hatred is a very unwise choice.

Swordsman is a team spirit helper?

No. Boxer’s ten glaciers, swing Chinese Qigong masters ripple, BI cover, assassin smokescreen summoner pollen, etc. These moves can help his teammates, let them from harm. But unfortunately, does not have these same spiritual swordsman moves.

What is the spirit swordsman?

Violence damages output. Spirit swordsman discard all defense and facilitation skills, as is able to stand in the top of damage output. Wind flow cut off the flow of these two moves and determines whether it is in the range of spiritual swordsman single injury or damage. All have impressive capabilities.

Master Hand

Spirit swordsman with the current version of the single most fit technology. The so-called single-fit technology, referring to his teammates cannot cause abnormal state fit technology. Single punch technology has the advantage of less restrictive conditions, a person will be able to complete. In a large copy of a single person fit technology can play more often save games occupational tasks.

Monster Hunter OL – environmental systems true expressive

Real-time calculus gorgeous lighting effects

In the game, players can experience significant diurnal variation caused by time effects, over time, the game also has a night and day. In each scene, you can see the beautiful dawn and dusk different, did not see the sunrise and the moon. The fidelity of the game will be greatly improved. And it is worth mentioning that the game’s monsters and humans, over time, have different activities in different laws, such as daytime feeding, sleeping at night. Different monsters just like the reality of the beast, have his own habits.

Simulate the real environment, weather conditions System

In addition to real light and shadow with time passed, real-time lighting effects, “Monster Hunter OL” also joined the virtual reality environment, weather systems, so you will see in the game teenage rain and snow, and this will be your fighting monsters and impact For example: Sharon king sandstorm environment into a rage state.

The new system of environmental damage

Players can not only destroy the scene, and through sabotage scenarios and their own impact on the monster, for example: by destroying the forest hermit somewhere to stop wild boar king, somewhere in the sand thunder damage to walk around the salon king locked and somewhere in the valley stop estrogen can be used to douse the flames dragon spit on the ground and so on.

More realistic combat vehicles

Speaking of vehicles, believe that many players can expect Hunter Monster P3 series prevents breakthrough desert mountain fortress dragon scene. But a closer look we can find, it’s just the whole scene locked in a boat as the center of space. Boat does not move, but the movement itself san dragon hunters and background textures created a’re driving a desert sailing illusion. In this moment, CE3 will give hunters bring more realistic vehicle combat, which also comes from the engine itself comes with its vehicle production tool kit. Specifically what will be a scene – is hunting fish chase the dragon boating or flying hot air balloons using air resistance shelling hit male dragon, no matter which way it evolved because all are waiting for real hunters challenge.

Mobile game giant 3D hero fighting spirit

Internationally renowned mobile game developers, “Iger Las” effort to build – across iOS & android platform 3D MMORPG hand travel giant system “heroic fighting spirit” a new piece of information, “King of the World,” a comprehensive on-line! ! !

“Hero fighting spirit” exquisite picture, realistic 3D visual effects is the biggest highlight of the game! ! ! In the new 2.0 version, “Iger Las” is bold use of a newly developed 2.0 particle engine, advanced super-parallel instruction GCN architecture, dynamic lighting effects …… 3D rendered picture again epoch!
Whether visual or instant PK, let “screen stiff, stiff movements, round PK” are ashamed!

Dodge, penetrate, kill … hyper-realistic combat flu, low profile can also enjoy 3D visual feast! The new “Hero war spirit” absolutely beyond your imagination! ! !
PVP athletics, team killing … is an essential element of RPG games in the “heroic fighting spirit” and is likewise essential! “Hero war spirit” as early as the beginning of the game design has been different.

First voice systems, no longer need to miss typing chat, while the voice command, while common blow up, so the battle was happy!
“Hero war spirit” film “King of the World” for the first time to achieve a cross-service team play, and the “global inter-service war” are brewing! Seen inter-service warfare, have not seen the inter-service team, and even tour page, or even side trips have not had, “Hero fighting spirit” to do so! Just to give players the most passionate, straightforward battle experience!

Free choice of hundreds of different maps, thousands of sets of equipment to create their own, all controlled by you! PVP and PVE perfect combination of six career perfect setting, the perfect show hundreds of maps for the players the ultimate gaming experience! Guild system, national gameplay, PVP arena, multiplayer dota, strategy tower defense …… classic gameplay mixing bold innovation, and allows you to fully enjoy the fun of multiple battle!

Ice and Fire fighting to kill the game, and then to “zombie war” open, “Hero fighting spirit” challenge play from uninterrupted! Innovative gameplay, detonated referendum battle boom!

New piece of information, “king of the world” 60 ban, wonderful rich 60 play fully open; “Indiana Jones” VS “Dead Rising”, “dark areas” PK “Lord hegemony”; fresh copy landing, competing supreme glory!

Timeless adventure sided role – blackened priestess

Recently,”eternal adventure” handed first exposure new AMP role – Priestess “Lynn”, and its appearance is a long ponytail silver hair burst milk royal sister, an angel in the game type and blackening double-sided image. Handheld fan as a weapon, good long-range magic attacks, in the battle to achieve special effects such as the release of the hurricane roars floating, blowing flying enemies, and the release of weak frontal attack stunt reduce the gap enemy defenses, the perfect interpretation of the Ming cool fighting game with happiness.

Game, Lin was born in a small village isolated “Jiaang” Lynn’s past life is a symbol of life and purity of the Goddess “Ark nacy.” In the past, “Ark nacy” Goddess during the trip and start fighting the evil Monster and Monster seal in their body. That is why, the goddess lost most Protoss forces, and have lost the ability eternal life, which has become a Jiaang village reincarnation little girl, “Lynn.” However, this world, unfortunately, things still happen, and in Lynn 15 birthday, the village suffered a major disaster, Lin escaped from the disaster after convinced that a certain someone could help her, and then embarked on a go ” I satisfied special “long travel. Perhaps, the goddess of identity doomed past this life Lynn cannot become an ordinary person.

As Lynn Past “Ark nacy” Monster Goddess will seal in his own body, the world’s Lynn has a dual identity between justice and evil. It also determines the Lynn will appear after the second turn “light” and “shadow” occupational differences, namely the black angel type of type two extremes.

Angel with a turn-based Lynn as when using the flash, storms and other natural forces give the enemy a fatal blow, and blackening type Lynn will use black power, so that the body of the evil monster control themselves, using the power of the release of a wide range of Monster nirvana, attack all nearby enemies rage generated after awakening a monster hit, hit all their enemies dare to close.

ArcheAge players to conquer the snow forest BOSS

West continent snow forest, BOSS locate Snow Forest Map West continent guardian tribe nearby. BOSS is called “fading Maas Tucci.” Is the way to do the task encountered BOSS (once again remind the players passing, do not poke a knife went curiously, BOSS is very angry, very serious consequences)

Nearly sixty people gathered troops, mighty again appear in the “faded Maas Tucci” in front. Prewar nurse and Master put BUFF, the soldiers drank gain potion completed. Put the range back to blue stick “Oran Jeff’s dream.” Gearing up once again open shot.

“Fade Maas Tucci” having a range of base and about 5 seconds AOE skills group taunt, AOE damage is about 1000 per second blood for 8 seconds, release preparation time is 1 second. Mocking taunt skill will close before the soldiers. So in the face of the BOSS, the real test of the players when the operation to go. If you have a habit of standing game pro who must get rid of this trouble.Otherwise, you will find that you suddenly do not blink hang time.

The third skill is summon mobs, mobs are the elite blame each injury and blood, the number of about six or so. We first mobs were cleared quickly.

Although there are players who played hanbok. But because time is too long, forgotten skills. So in advance and members did not communicate. Outset ate a burst loss, there are clearly some players still do not adapt to the operation of the ancient century. An open play BOSS instantaneous skill circumstances, instant seconds off 7 people. Although the sudden loss of 7 people fighting force, but fortunately nanny who is still relatively more. BOSS taken away by the soldiers, one a resurrection together.

After the half-blood in the BOSS, BOSS will call out elite mobs, we quickly shift fire, kill mobs. But immediately after the BOSS skills again, mocking + range AOE skills base, the soldiers of the blood hurricane. This time nanny who is manifested to the force, a lot of scope to increase blood and various gain BUFF, stunned BOSS is to grab the hands of the soldiers back. So, here I am as a fighter players Lihen day to thank all the players who nurse. Especially sister gamers.

There is also a small Tips, in resurrection after death to the resurrection point, the body is there a “death breather,” the BUFF. This will let you BUFF BOSS Metres five minutes can not use any skills. So, in the case of nurse team, after the death of the first resurrection do not worry. Let babemaries a one pull, so to play a greater combat capability.

Monster Hunter OL new scene

Monster Hunter OL officially announced the game’s fourth new scenes thunder sand, which is following Milad village, valley, forest hermit disclosed after the fourth scene. Currently sand sea monster has not been announced, but is able to conjecture is the player wishing to go out of the sand, the necessary sound bomb, cold drinks and a large grindstone ……

Located south of the continent as part of the vastness of the desert, the sun was scorching sinister here and dominate, while the yellow salon Athlon and dangerous this place added a bit more advantageous. “Thunder” is the origin of the taboo, reportedly because of a special place in the wind blowing sand will issue a violent thunder moment the relationship, but in fact it seems, and the upcoming “Monster Hunter OL” in the future may be the debut of the new Monster inextricably linked. Milan village chiefs warning may be out of the purpose of this barren land will give up such a name. For travel between north and south of the peddler, here is the only the only way, it will constitute the vast majority of merchants team is guarding aid each other through this piece along with the dangers and opportunities of the earth.

Ecological thunderous sand constitutes a very special, and full of water, lush vegetation valley, also, or hermit Sen is different, thunder sand sea area is the lack of multi-source scenario, only a few special Scenes can find barely able to cover the drug date trees, almost all of the rest of the band filled place, in the most common thunder sand, dust storms comes, when the sky sandstorm raging hit, even if it is familiar in the sand Sharon also shied away from a small environment, but once in the hunt hunters encountered during such weather changes, intense romantic disrupt the original marching rhythm.

Another one is more concerned about the characteristics of people, it is occasionally encountered in the sand in a small tornado, according to the veteran hunter memories, dust storms seem less common, but the small tornadoes are a great frequent landscape, If during the course of hunting witnessed a tornado, avoidance is clearly the best way to deal with.

Because after a long-term impact of sand, sand thunder substantially the entire area is very vast, some regions may have some pillars and dome into the sky, but the invasion of wind and sand, these pillars of the structure are obviously very fragile, often occur in some areas falling rocks and so on. More clever hunters figured out that the special geographical structure, will lead to some large monster here, with the changes in the environment to simplify hunting more difficult.

Of course, the features and series in the past, like “Monster Hunter OL” appears in the new scenario “Thunder sand”, but also as there will be a different day and night time periods such as changes in the case of different time periods, the temperature difference will become great, in the heat of the day need to drink hot drinks, cold at night in hot drinks need to stop the invasion of cold.