Monster Hunter OL new scene

Monster Hunter OL officially announced the game’s fourth new scenes thunder sand, which is following Milad village, valley, forest hermit disclosed after the fourth scene. Currently sand sea monster has not been announced, but is able to conjecture is the player wishing to go out of the sand, the necessary sound bomb, cold drinks and a large grindstone ……

Located south of the continent as part of the vastness of the desert, the sun was scorching sinister here and dominate, while the yellow salon Athlon and dangerous this place added a bit more advantageous. “Thunder” is the origin of the taboo, reportedly because of a special place in the wind blowing sand will issue a violent thunder moment the relationship, but in fact it seems, and the upcoming “Monster Hunter OL” in the future may be the debut of the new Monster inextricably linked. Milan village chiefs warning may be out of the purpose of this barren land will give up such a name. For travel between north and south of the peddler, here is the only the only way, it will constitute the vast majority of merchants team is guarding aid each other through this piece along with the dangers and opportunities of the earth.

Ecological thunderous sand constitutes a very special, and full of water, lush vegetation valley, also, or hermit Sen is different, thunder sand sea area is the lack of multi-source scenario, only a few special Scenes can find barely able to cover the drug date trees, almost all of the rest of the band filled place, in the most common thunder sand, dust storms comes, when the sky sandstorm raging hit, even if it is familiar in the sand Sharon also shied away from a small environment, but once in the hunt hunters encountered during such weather changes, intense romantic disrupt the original marching rhythm.

Another one is more concerned about the characteristics of people, it is occasionally encountered in the sand in a small tornado, according to the veteran hunter memories, dust storms seem less common, but the small tornadoes are a great frequent landscape, If during the course of hunting witnessed a tornado, avoidance is clearly the best way to deal with.

Because after a long-term impact of sand, sand thunder substantially the entire area is very vast, some regions may have some pillars and dome into the sky, but the invasion of wind and sand, these pillars of the structure are obviously very fragile, often occur in some areas falling rocks and so on. More clever hunters figured out that the special geographical structure, will lead to some large monster here, with the changes in the environment to simplify hunting more difficult.

Of course, the features and series in the past, like “Monster Hunter OL” appears in the new scenario “Thunder sand”, but also as there will be a different day and night time periods such as changes in the case of different time periods, the temperature difference will become great, in the heat of the day need to drink hot drinks, cold at night in hot drinks need to stop the invasion of cold.