Mobile game giant 3D hero fighting spirit

Internationally renowned mobile game developers, “Iger Las” effort to build – across iOS & android platform 3D MMORPG hand travel giant system “heroic fighting spirit” a new piece of information, “King of the World,” a comprehensive on-line! ! !

“Hero fighting spirit” exquisite picture, realistic 3D visual effects is the biggest highlight of the game! ! ! In the new 2.0 version, “Iger Las” is bold use of a newly developed 2.0 particle engine, advanced super-parallel instruction GCN architecture, dynamic lighting effects …… 3D rendered picture again epoch!
Whether visual or instant PK, let “screen stiff, stiff movements, round PK” are ashamed!

Dodge, penetrate, kill … hyper-realistic combat flu, low profile can also enjoy 3D visual feast! The new “Hero war spirit” absolutely beyond your imagination! ! !
PVP athletics, team killing … is an essential element of RPG games in the “heroic fighting spirit” and is likewise essential! “Hero war spirit” as early as the beginning of the game design has been different.

First voice systems, no longer need to miss typing chat, while the voice command, while common blow up, so the battle was happy!
“Hero war spirit” film “King of the World” for the first time to achieve a cross-service team play, and the “global inter-service war” are brewing! Seen inter-service warfare, have not seen the inter-service team, and even tour page, or even side trips have not had, “Hero fighting spirit” to do so! Just to give players the most passionate, straightforward battle experience!

Free choice of hundreds of different maps, thousands of sets of equipment to create their own, all controlled by you! PVP and PVE perfect combination of six career perfect setting, the perfect show hundreds of maps for the players the ultimate gaming experience! Guild system, national gameplay, PVP arena, multiplayer dota, strategy tower defense …… classic gameplay mixing bold innovation, and allows you to fully enjoy the fun of multiple battle!

Ice and Fire fighting to kill the game, and then to “zombie war” open, “Hero fighting spirit” challenge play from uninterrupted! Innovative gameplay, detonated referendum battle boom!

New piece of information, “king of the world” 60 ban, wonderful rich 60 play fully open; “Indiana Jones” VS “Dead Rising”, “dark areas” PK “Lord hegemony”; fresh copy landing, competing supreme glory!