Monster Hunter OL – environmental systems true expressive

Real-time calculus gorgeous lighting effects

In the game, players can experience significant diurnal variation caused by time effects, over time, the game also has a night and day. In each scene, you can see the beautiful dawn and dusk different, did not see the sunrise and the moon. The fidelity of the game will be greatly improved. And it is worth mentioning that the game’s monsters and humans, over time, have different activities in different laws, such as daytime feeding, sleeping at night. Different monsters just like the reality of the beast, have his own habits.

Simulate the real environment, weather conditions System

In addition to real light and shadow with time passed, real-time lighting effects, “Monster Hunter OL” also joined the virtual reality environment, weather systems, so you will see in the game teenage rain and snow, and this will be your fighting monsters and impact For example: Sharon king sandstorm environment into a rage state.

The new system of environmental damage

Players can not only destroy the scene, and through sabotage scenarios and their own impact on the monster, for example: by destroying the forest hermit somewhere to stop wild boar king, somewhere in the sand thunder damage to walk around the salon king locked and somewhere in the valley stop estrogen can be used to douse the flames dragon spit on the ground and so on.

More realistic combat vehicles

Speaking of vehicles, believe that many players can expect Hunter Monster P3 series prevents breakthrough desert mountain fortress dragon scene. But a closer look we can find, it’s just the whole scene locked in a boat as the center of space. Boat does not move, but the movement itself san dragon hunters and background textures created a’re driving a desert sailing illusion. In this moment, CE3 will give hunters bring more realistic vehicle combat, which also comes from the engine itself comes with its vehicle production tool kit. Specifically what will be a scene – is hunting fish chase the dragon boating or flying hot air balloons using air resistance shelling hit male dragon, no matter which way it evolved because all are waiting for real hunters challenge.


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