Blade and soul official professional orientation

Although in many ways the Spirit swordsmen and swordsmen alike, such as occupational names, formulas, etc, but in essence, the spirit of the place swordsmen few differences, determine the positioning of the team spirit swordsmen, and swordsmen as well as several other very different occupations.

Spirit is a swordsman who hates you attract?

Not. Swordsmen have broken moves, there is cut boxer boxing, this way, they can act as the team’s main key to attract hatred. But spiritual swordsman is very different, he did not powerful defensive moves, which mean spiritual leader swordsmen monster cannot afford injuries, so spiritual leader swordsmen to attract hatred is a very unwise choice.

Swordsman is a team spirit helper?

No. Boxer’s ten glaciers, swing Chinese Qigong masters ripple, BI cover, assassin smokescreen summoner pollen, etc. These moves can help his teammates, let them from harm. But unfortunately, does not have these same spiritual swordsman moves.

What is the spirit swordsman?

Violence damages output. Spirit swordsman discard all defense and facilitation skills, as is able to stand in the top of damage output. Wind flow cut off the flow of these two moves and determines whether it is in the range of spiritual swordsman single injury or damage. All have impressive capabilities.

Master Hand

Spirit swordsman with the current version of the single most fit technology. The so-called single-fit technology, referring to his teammates cannot cause abnormal state fit technology. Single punch technology has the advantage of less restrictive conditions, a person will be able to complete. In a large copy of a single person fit technology can play more often save games occupational tasks.