Top of the greatest PC games in 2013

1. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

2. Mass Effect 2

3. Half-Life 2

4. Team Fortress 2

5. Deus Ex

6. XCOM: Enemy Unknown -XCOM

7. Bioshock

8. Mincraft

9. Left 4 Dead 2 (Valve) -L4D2

10. Starcraft II

11. Deus Ex: Human Revolution

12. EVE Online -EVE

13. ARMA 2

14. Portal (Valve)

15. World of Warcraft

16. Bioshock Infinite

17. Hitman: Blood Money

18. FTL

19. Company of Heroes

20. Civilization V

21. DOTA 2 (Valve)

22. Planescape: Torment

23. Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

24. Dragon Age: Origins

25. Age of Empires

26. SimCity 4

27. Baldur’s Gate 2

28. Grim Fandango

29. Battlefield 3

30. The Witcher 2

31. Rome: Total War

32. Day of the Tentacle

33. Spelunky

34. League of Legends

35. Planetside 2

36. Dungeon Keeper

37. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

38. Alpha Centauri

39. System Shock 2

40. Dishonored

41. Total War: Shogun

42. Return to Castle Wolfenstein

43. Doom

44. Quake III

45. DayZ

46. Dark Souls

47. The Witcher

48. Portal 2

49. FIFA 13

50. Flight Sim X

51. Crusader Kings 2

52. Tomb Raider

53. Theme Hospital

54. Far Cry 2

55. Beyond Good & Evil

56. The Sims 3

57. Rollercoaster Tycoon

58. Red Alert

59. Unreal Tournament 2004

60. No One Live Forever 2

61. Half-Life

62. F.E.A.R.

63. Fallout 3

64. Dwarf Fortress

65. Batman: Arkham Asylum

66. Rising Storm

67. The Secret of Monkey Island

68. Freespace 2

69. Empire: Total War

70. Tribes: Ascend

71. STALKER: Call of Pripyat

72. Quake

73. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

74. Max Payne 2

75. Galactic Civilizations II

76. Full Throttle

77. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

78. Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord

79. Borderlands 2

80. Torchlight

81. Starcraft: Brood War

82. The Walking Dead: Season 1

83. Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion

84. Super Meat Boy

85. Peggle

86. Mount & Blade

87. Masq

88. Assassin’s Creed II

89. Vampire: The Masquerade–Bloodlines

90. Ultima VII

91. Tribes 2

92. Thirty Flights of Loving

93. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

94. Plants vs. Zombies

95. Hotline Miami

96. Diablo III

97. OMSI

98. Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth

99. Battle of Britain 2

100. World of Goo

Battlefield 4 will increase the number of scale

According to a reliable foreign news media, we learned that DICE Battlefield 4 multiplayer modes are testing, but this size will be more than 70 players. “Battlefield 4” is usually a small team of five people, this feature is very reasonable. Now there will be a multiplayer game 32 players involved, but six small team to full strength, the result will be the remaining two players. If 70 + players that support multiplayer modes, this problem will be completely resolved, so that you can replace a good maximum support 66 players multiplayer mode.

70 + in multiplayer mode one team has at least 35 players in total can be divided into seven groups, players will no longer have to be left out.

Add two players that the game will not reduce the quality and balance. Do you think DICE multiplayer modes cap raised to 70 + how, change is good or not?

What is the science in Diablo

First of all, IP rooms, sea view rooms can be done Diablo 3 Gold, but I can responsibly say that Diablo 3 is absolutely not this stuff. Conclusions party can flash or spray. Here I began to explain and demonstrate.

Probability and the theory of relativity, are from probability theory and the theory of relativity of Einstein and Cole, Einstein Cole to death do not agree with the probability of school, he said, the famous “God can not set a sieve”, simply say that you can understand is: everything is relatively established, there will be no possible outcome Cole probability theory is A, it may be B. (Do not know who really thought the theory of relativity is the probability of problems, which are common absurd)

Then drop in Diablo Lane is an established Buy diablo 3 items, or probability, or is an established Canadian probability, in fact, is the IP housing problem.

Let us consider the case 1, the established, then most of us who have been playing, including me, everyone was fooled Blizzard, pure established representatives, Blizzard servers, fortunately already set how many levels, or the first How many BUG hammer, or section 5E mobs, falling XXX, but also in how much certain, inevitable sea.

Conclusion This is impossible, because too much work, and each time data is updated, it is necessary to re-do a code to get into too much too little, you may also know the code, proficient in probability theory, will propose a quantitative function we can use diablo 3 items solved, yes you can, but this result is that Blizzard simply can not cope with the sudden appearance of the BUG, everything is quantitative, change one must tear down a large)

Let us consider the case 2, probability, then simply do not believe what IP rooms, are the probability that the decision of 8% is A or B, remember that not superimposed, is every probability.

Conclusion is that this is the most likely scenario, all the code is variable functions as a skeleton, a little out of the given function determines JY mobs than high (this is an example, and certainly not this), worked as a computer game development will be recognized, Try this is the most essential thing.

We consider two cases three, plus the established probability, and two different, three cases is a framework of quantitative functions, variables do minor, 2 and 3 do detailed analysis the situation buy D3 gold in the game, in the dye rate (also probable).

MF with probability possibly five yellow, may be completely blue, but you can feel from the average, with the MF heightening, yellow more cases (case 2 probability).

MF Drop is a fixed value, have been so many, it can be 2-4, out of what is behind the variables of the problem, because the skeleton with MF heightening quantitative So in fact is useless.

From here you can see, the situation 2 is real. MF has no effect, we all know, so overall conclusion is that it is technically possible from the sea view room exists, but it is impossible to exist in the dark. Now I write the reason that is causing a sea view room.

Main 1: Probability = luck

Probability is really lucky, so we do not believe that Einstein Brother most does not believe, but it is undeniable that this is the most fair, game development in the most simple and effective cheap diablo 3 items. We do not believe in luck, so to find a quantitative sea view room or something, so will more than strange, JY and more, it seems a good first few JY fall, and even the room cards are counted in the room, as sea view room.

Two main reasons: Believe it or not = mentality

Talk about the problem of human nature, but also have lost me a good laugh, out of a bad situation on the downtown. Talk about the results, he who believes not find sea view rooms does not brush, does not believe what people go to hell oars. I ask that the next time do not brush into the so-called “Ocean View” will be able to out legends? Brush or now this person may have?

The most critical letter: “Ocean view room, just a joke, yesterday I certainly get a good thing, the result!”

Do not believe it: “I rely on my mobs out of a legend”, although regrettable point is 58, but more power it.

So do not give yourself some “scientific” pseudo-science stuff, if you know what is a genuine scientific basis, you’ll be convinced to play it easily; If you believe that those pseudo-science to ensure that Buy cheap Diablo 3 Gold upsets you suspicious, no mood.

My friends had been falling apart, scattered around, but I will simply brush down, as long as God gave me the time to play the game!

Bless you my friend, but also respect your choice, really hope not, because the brush IP room to no avail, bad mood friends leave, wish all my friends read this base, you can calm down and eat , drink good fun game, happy life, for the probability, that is, luck, without attachment, only indifferent to continue!

Mirror War becomes popular after updating

South Korea L & K Company’s shooting RPG game “Mirror War – Holy Resurrection” Ghost Army and the creation of the update Daum intermodal platform, exploded in popularity, the number of online players is five times faster than over before.

On June 27, officially launched the new forces Ghost Army game, as is the “mirror war,” the core content of the original novel, so the evil spirits of the players also received military support and recognition.

L & K company executives said that through mass updates, game content has been enriched, the military forces of the evil spirits with a unique, challenging gameplay, allowing players to feel the combination of RPG shooting game fun.

Call of Duty 10 plot revealed

“Call of Duty 10: Ghost” developer Infinity Ward recently accepted a British game magazine interview, reveal something about the story of the game for multiplayer mode and the latest news.

My group is now able to disclose information to us is not a lot. We now know that in the game’s multiplayer aspect of each map are able to interact with the players, such as including a map of the satellite above a crash, if you can succeed (alive) arrived at the crash point, then you will You can pick up a UAV. In addition, the game will also have a lot of multiplayer mode to expand customization options allow you to dress up their roles, a large number of single-player mode from the game’s skin has now been integrated into the multiplayer mode, they can help players in battle with other players when highlight their personality.

In the game plot, “Call of Duty 10: Ghost” is not “Modern Warfare” series or the “Black Ops” series, the story continues, but more like a brand new storyline. The game is set in the United States in the near future. At that time the United States has suffered several attacks, but large-scale war broke too many times. But now we do not know who the intruder.

No one knows this “ghost squad” where they come from or who they are, only knew the air squad represents salvation and hope. Game story revolves around two brothers launched their war-ravaged in the United States grew. The game story from the first time I saw the two brothers began to ghost squad. Also note that while the players inside called “Ghost” with “Modern Warfare” series who “Ghost” in no way related, at least in terms of the role they just name it exactly the same.

“Call of Duty 10: Ghost” on November 5 will be officially on sale, which will be released first Xbox One exclusive DLC, other platforms including the Xbox360, PS3, PS4, PC.