Battlefield 4 will increase the number of scale

According to a reliable foreign news media, we learned that DICE Battlefield 4 multiplayer modes are testing, but this size will be more than 70 players. “Battlefield 4” is usually a small team of five people, this feature is very reasonable. Now there will be a multiplayer game 32 players involved, but six small team to full strength, the result will be the remaining two players. If 70 + players that support multiplayer modes, this problem will be completely resolved, so that you can replace a good maximum support 66 players multiplayer mode.

70 + in multiplayer mode one team has at least 35 players in total can be divided into seven groups, players will no longer have to be left out.

Add two players that the game will not reduce the quality and balance. Do you think DICE multiplayer modes cap raised to 70 + how, change is good or not?