Shaiya classic weapons big check

Weapons is not only a tool to fight the battle, but also it is the absolute strength of Competition Warriors Cheats. Famous 3D fantasy online game “Shaiya” World War is the eternal theme, four big races fight for their own beliefs, strong duel, who is the last king? Here we went into the fantasy world, enjoy down “Shaiya” the world features the classic weapons bar.

Execution Double Axes
Overbearing execution Double Axes, the face of armed barbarians Juhan execution Double Axes, the kind of momentum but myself, let the enemy tremble with fear. I ask, who can resist it?

Soul diming by
Far attack drone inbred Safe soul are always highly hunters alike. Apart from the attack on the good performance, and that the enemy of the soul Watch mysterious force, irresistible.

Dragon Soul Staff
Dragon Soul Wand Master hearts of countless treasure, quiet blue longan, dragon seal with unruly soul, no extraordinary strength, absolutely can not control it.

Ti Oswald Rangers
Full power of the United Oswald Rangers murder is such a two-edged weapon, once owned by white wizard archer, very quick deadly arrows that will be forever in the hearts of the enemy nightmare.

Who the hell roarer
It is known to attack the fastest hell roarer who has a blast-like high attack speed and lethality, fighting, full power!

Titan Warhammer
Titan Warhammer symbolizes strong fearless chivalry, only the most distinguished knight can use it freely, and only the strongest knights before they can play out its super-potential, guard the world, against a foreign enemy.

“Shaiya” fantasy world charm everywhere, various characteristics of a hero magic highlight different temperament. Not want to miss, it will come and experience it!