Grand Theft Auto online massive new details announced

In Game Informer magazine’s latest article on “Grand Theft Auto Online”, published experience to get started a lot about the details of the game. These details allow players to a certain extent, on the role of establishing an understanding of the system, including the choice of lifestyle to determine skills, as well as the composition of such robbery. At the same time, these details also show players how to manage a large number of Tibetan vehicles, a large number of activities you can participate in it, as well as how to pass the time with a friend.

Details are as follows :

– Role progress with some consistency, but did not culminate in the finale.

– “Grand Theft Auto Online” The goal is exhausted the means to earn more money and purchase more such kind of house and car industries.

– Role in cut scenes when interacting with other characters will appear in the animation, but no dubbing.

– Female roles can be used for the game.

– Almost all the activities of the story mode will appear in the “Grand Theft Auto Online” : ” robbery , tasks , attack gang base, hijacking armored vehicles, cars , etc. ,” and “tennis , golf and parachuting ” also included.

– According to the R Star CEO Leslie Benzies argument, the number of tasks will be more than 500. Some can be a single person to complete. Eggs other complex must team complete.

– “Grand Theft Auto Online” is set after the end of the main story. Some familiar faces will appear.

– For the other roles to help, they will now introduce the players to more friends, so you can extrajudicial world increasingly wide network of people.

– Franklin’s friend Lamar likely will introduce you to a car named Simeon Yetarian trafficking. He will ask the player to help car theft.

– If you become friends with the motorcycle gang , they may help in the task.

– A highly skilled friends in multiplayer mode allows you to disappear from the radar.

– And you close the security company can provide you with airstrikes.

– R satellite system used to control a dynamic players in the game, the first to join your friends and Bangzhong, and then the same class, the same location of the players.
– Games in the decision on the same players who did the game fully customizable, meaning that you can have the option to let the game decide who can join the game, you can also manually select their own players to join.

– Game will analyze the style of the game players, and then will display more suitable for your style task.

– The game includes rating system, as well as personal rating system.

– “Grand Theft Auto Online” is the role of the airport had just arrived in Los Santos, so the time to establish the role while establishing their parents, grandparents, and then a character will offer to the players. Then the player will choose a life style, select the role would do things like partying, take, criminals, sports mad and so on.

– The beginning of life skills will be according to the selected style to decide, but the same appearance as the role that can be changed.

– Sitting in the copilot’s players can control the radio stations, the development of points, using cameras or attack others.

– Press and hold the select button will pop up a menu. The player can use this menu to change the dress and actions.

– Self-phone camera can be used.

– Liquor store robbery when Mike players can move quickly to intimidate the clerk, and the clerk will react.

– Fled when police realized the scope of the police to leave.

– After each task will reward prestige and cash. Gang chieftains can choose who gets booty.

– Chieftains can choose pocketed booty, but obviously the other players may have a bad reaction.

– Players received an invitation by telephone , after receiving a seamless join activities.

– Players can depot handling of the car to make changes.

– The task will require large teams to provide a hall. In the lobby, players can be assigned snipers, hints and drivers and other roles. Team leaders can change the settings, such as time, weather, difficulty and number of restrictions on the player dies.

– The beginning of the task , each character has a different focus task.

– When you earn enough money you can buy a high-end residential, you can carry out similar robberies in single player mode.

– These tasks include multiple stages, also includes a planning stage. In the preparation phase, the task force and the player may want to get a helicopter purchase. Players can be a division of labor.

– If you want to enjoy the game, do not want to be disturbed, then you can turn passive mode. However, this mode will be automatically canceled when you shoot.

– Other players can kill you and take your cash, so the game encourages players to the front to the back and uses the ATM.

– Money in the bank , or can be consumed.

– If you were robbed , you can reward the murderer wanted to get revenge.

– Each house has a garage you buy. Mid-range apartments to accommodate two car garages, and high-end residential garage can save 10 cars.

– Garage can be used as an exhibition hall. You can enjoy their cars in the garage, you can also hire technicians to carry out maintenance on the vehicle. You can also give possession of car insurance, to avoid damage to the vehicle caused significant costs.

– You can invite friends home in drinking, watching strippers, you can also enjoy R Star Production of television programs.

– Task community through R Star Club of control means that the game developers can often make changes.

R Star recognition ” Grand Theft Auto 5 “in Europe and the United States release date for September 17, the platform for the Xbox360 and PS3. Japanese release date is October 10.



Blade soul worldview


A long time ago, humans, animals and monsters who live in buy blade and soul gold harmony in this world.

Until one day, filled with “evil intent” the aggregate enveloped the earth, chaotic era begins.

Day becomes night, sea swirl clouds, the earth began to fission, mountains distorted due to dry. Monster becomes extremely brutal, human and animal becomes the rampant monster
Xmas martial arts master who excels at using the aggregate of the evil power and become the evil martial arts, the entire arena suddenly becomes a sea of??Blood ocean.
Once upon a time the gods can no longer stand idly by, they recruited decent master and issued a purpose of God.

Martial arts master who saddled with the purpose of God’s mission, came to repel demons, evil work with experts in a fierce battle.

Evil triumphs in the end, honest expert will be aggregate seal in support of the world on four Tianzhu, peaceful dawn kiss the earth again.

However, this peace did not last long.

As time goes by, ready to make the aggregate to find the opportunity.

Huge once again let the world into chaos, humans, animals, and evil monsters again were eroded.

Cloud State overturned the south by the King of heaven to buy blade soul gold NIE established a feudal state, has a history of 1,000 years. Who dominate the east and south China, very popular. Now, under blows in the wind empire, cloud country lost the east continent, retreated to the south. The current state of cloud Homeland divided into four (Jianyuan Castle – small states, Dragon Lin – Courtesy State, the desert – cold state, Lotus prison volcano – next state) by the direct descendant of princes who governed the king Nie.

East wind Empire is the dominant imperialist countries on the continent, the founding less than 20 years. (Chien-yuan 20 years) had the east continent is inhabited by many ethnic minorities Cloud State jurisdiction, and when the horse Empress host, the cloud situation in the country became pale, the oppression of the East China also became very powerful.

Wind Kusakabe alive today, the various sects have appeared. The battle between good and evil is becoming more intense. Meet like-minded alliance between sects, avoiding each other senseless battle. Make decent martial arts martial arts league in name, but who are gathered in the celestial globe Xiepai teach banner.

Wain League

One of the world double-well potential. Decent people with martial arts organization created huge.

Union members Wulin significant meaning, it speaks arena rules, but also rigid. To protect clouds country trying to punish their evil demons crooked road and impeccable inferno. In their view, in order to cloud the country’s cause, need some civilians to sacrifice, compromise and accept some appropriate necessary tyranny rule. Because they believe that the value of things and Fadal are to buy BNS gold prepare the upper class in society.

Haitian teach

One of the world double-well potential. God made the black day asked the day, led by religious groups.

Good to do good and evil forces, but not exposed. They think the world of chaos is a sign of purification, see distressed people certainly helping hand extended, in the face of corrupt officials and never hesitate. And it also allows them to become a thorn in Izumo, Izumo dynasty repeatedly repression hunting teacher, even as they carried out evil exterminated.

Haitian taught very early learned the true identity of the inferno, but also realize the right way to go is impossible to resist the inferno, and only chance of survival at all costs. For the celestial globe to teach, the inferno is irreconcilable enemies. I believe the inferno, the use of aggregate behavior is not allowed in disobedience acts doctrine.

Meanwhile, martial arts attempted to use an aggregate function to blade soul Gold get the evil and dominate the world have also been found in the martial arts. One is that Qin.

StarCraft MMO finally succeeded in raising

I believe there are a lot of players hope “StarCraft: Universe” this online game will be final online. Upheaval Arts game studio had planned, before September 10 the game can reach $80,000 fund-raising goal of game development, and on the final day, they can do.

It also means that, with this $ 80,000 financial support, players have the opportunity to finally be able to get started playing the game. To be honest, from fund-raising project is closed in less than 24 hours of the time, the game still remains less than 1000 U.S. dollars did not arrive, and this had a lot to pinched the cold sweat. However, in the final sprint time, by virtue of the efforts of the majority of players, finally reached a $80,000 goal.

Well, in this online game made of module, what does it contain exactly? It is understood, then the player will see eight game content career, players will see the vehicle, custom character models, different levels of difficulty of the Boss encounters, game strategy database, a comprehensive narrative story line by the voice, crafts game content and so on.

In addition, upheaval Arts Game Studios also said that when the initial beta. All content will be free for players to use, and the future production team has launched a subsequent update will consider the appropriate fee.

Diablo 3 Monk Skill Admiralty break analysis

1.0.4 later, with Blizzard monks gas consumption for cheapest diablo3 gold skill enhancement, hands monks gradually boarded the mainstream arena, one of its core skills is a very characteristic Admiralty breaking skills, while his hands flow Monks low barriers to entry, but also for god farm installed high-efficiency characteristics, make it necessary for the Admiralty itself and its rune effect breaking a deeper understanding, and thus better able to optimize our skills to select.

Need to affirm is that this analysis does not include testing the fourth Admiralty break runes to faint light ( generated after crit stun )

The goal is to test the hell A3 sin of the heart, the monk body of the equipment is only one called ” lu ” low- grade dark kin stick.

I put the Admiralty remaining runes into three bell: common type ( no Rune ( 390% of the initial damage, 45 straight AOE, 75 gas consumption ), light the wall ( initial damage increased by 566% ), condensable gas shock ( consumption gas down to 40 points), burst light ( 430% of a wide range of AOE), ancestors pillars ( 280% of the initial damage, 2 seconds delay up 280% damage ).

The first is the common type, although the Admiralty breaking skills presentation is the damage caused by 390%, but its essence is 3 consecutive 130% weapon damage, which is almost three times damage produced simultaneously, these two are very different look micro, but in actual use has a very different effect, and its follow-up 45% of the straight path AOE damage, and between the initial injury, there is a more obvious cheap diablo3 gold short intervals.

Admiralty common type of injury is also the initial range AOE, this range is greater than the AOE bell shrouded range.

The heart of the evil in the figure by the Admiralty damage, observe, you will find an extra lap on the field Admiralty pattern, Admiralty initial damage AOE range should be that of the actual coverage pattern, you can see this range is quite objective Admiralty follow a straight path and a straight path AOE is the width of the diameter of the width of the bell, so a normal Admiralty can result in three different types of injuries, as well as the range of the clock pattern and the overlapping portion of the linear path ( 390% + 45 % = 435% damage ), outside the scope of the clock pattern range (390 % damage ), while outside the scope of the clock on the straight path (45 % damage ). So hit the bell, I try to make the main target is within minutes.

Belonging to a wide range of light burst AOE, can be seen from the above analysis, the most basic goal of Admiralty time can cause up to 435%, while the burst of light waves that will be affected by the harmful effects of their region, a wide range of light burst.

The figure is the maximum range of burst waves, it can be seen burst covers almost the entire screen, light, of course, we should have found in the course of, burst wave is not circular area AOR, only the path in the shock wave burst, before cause harm, and this shock wave will be blocked by the wall, the other a BUG is that this shock wave can not change the level of movement along the ground.

You can clearly see the location of the monks were all above the light cover off, although there is no blame, but in fact, which indeed can not high -lying position than the monk monster damage.

1. patriarch pillars is entirely a waste, buy d3 gold to take him to the wall and light compared his only advantage is probably caused by delay range of 280 % damage than ordinary Admiralty AOE range so little. Only in very exceptional circumstances, the total damage caused by the ancestors pillars brighter than the wall height. But also ridiculous 2S delays. We have absolutely no reason to use it.

2. For high damage skills, the same injury several times more to manufacture than a single manufacturing helps us to improve the efficiency of the elite FARM. Monks are not DH, no archery, for crit is not controllable. High single injury may cause a lot of damage overflow. When the explosion injured the higher crit rate is lower, such a spill would be more serious injury, if the actual DPS Similarly, the lower the proportion of injuries overflow FARM Obviously the higher the efficiency ( cite a simple example, suppose that the monster’s blood is 3, A ‘s DPS is one, but he is not two seconds 2 damage, B is also one of the DPS, but he was 1 damage per second, the two DPS same, but a needs to be resolved 4S monster, and B is only 3S) the use of ordinary type Admiralty obviously overflow can reduce the damage ratio.

3.light barriers, light burst and condensable gas shock has its own advantages, light barriers can cause 611% weapon damage range of damage, and the damage is more stable and easier to second strange. The burst of light waves greater range, clear mobs is undoubtedly the most efficient. But the damage more uncontrollable, he was more susceptible to influence whether or not crit more vulnerable to the impact of the terrain.

Condensable gas shock wave is also promising, for example, if you do not use the passive increase precision gas cap, when you are full of refined gas, the shock wave can be released only condensable convicted + Seven + Admiralty even strokes, but also for those one Seven almost able to second strange, condensable gas shock undoubtedly more efficient than the other two. Additionally, the biggest advantage is condensable gas shock he improves the utilization of refined gas ( light barriers at each point within minutes of refined gas is around 8 % weapon damage, and condensable gas shock is 10% ), so that we can have diablo3 gold buy the opportunity to use other gas consumption skills.

Detailed explanation of character creation in Star Wars The Old Republic

Sith Warrior – Jedi

The assisted DPS in game, provides the close combat output and act as Vice-tank role. Both are the most popular roles in Star Wars movies and in the game, players will be able to experience the power of the Force.

Francis Judge – Jedi Consular

Healer in the game, provides the team with BUFF and the restoration in in the battle, although the use of weapons as a lightsaber, fighting capability is weak. Judge could release signs Sith lightning skills. The Jedi Consular is more use of the force itself.

Imperial Agent – Smugglers

Remote DPS in game, get hidden effect through the use of the terrain, and enhance the role remote attack, is the main DPS in team battle. This type of career play is quite interesting, players need to find a special place on the map to get to make their own specific secret BUFF.

Bounty Hunters – Star Wars

MT in the game, although the use of a remote firearms class weapons, this does not affect the type of occupation of a team battle BOSS firepower to attract a major role in the game, after all, they are equipped with armor is the highest defense of all other occupations inside the.

The next column is the figure of the role players, was divided into four categories, remote DPSJiao small, ordinary type, strong type and strong build type. The following is the role of the players in the background, for example, in the screenshot is the name of the player who had been selected mercenaries. But what impact of the role background to the role we are still unknown.

Although only one shot, we have been able to clearly understand the whole process of character creation. As to whether the player’s facial features change here speculate after setting up these basic attributes, you can fine-tune the interface into the face, after all, no player will want to only have distinction on body.