The introduction of Monster Hunter series famous monster

Big Griffin is “Monster Hunter” series famous monster, affectionately known by gamers sheep library teacher. Not only because it is a transliteration of the name “sheep library database”, but also because it is the only game in the debut of the first flight of the monster. Players in the process of hunting for it, can learn many basic operation, judge, go places, to avoid for the future can be a powerful dragon kind of monster hunting and lay a solid foundation. So hunting big Griffin, as many novice hunters advanced on the road to a required course, but it is big griffin speaker teachers. Today we are going to bring griffin is obtained after hunting big booty, big griffin suit the original painting.

Big griffin suit faithful reproduction of the big Griffin’s physical characteristics, the overall tone of orange-based, this is a large griffin skin color, combined with a pattern of cyan, this is the big griffin wings membrane color. And large packages for large griffin feature of the show are the most concentrated head, and through a hat, the large griffin will open ear performance vividly. After reading the original painting, is not that great teacher’s style library database.

Big Griffin as “Monster Hunter OL” in the debut of the first monster with only the ability to fly, its biggest feature is the huge beak and generally able to unfold like an umbrella lizard ear. When it is felt that it was the site of the invasion, they will open their ears intimidate each other. This is because the big griffin own personality though timid, nervous but once up, they will be passing through its territory as the enemy of humanity is also subjected to attack. Big griffin main means of attack is that it was a large beak, usually used to dig the soil broken wood tool in the battle demonstrated a remarkable lethality, continuous packing, would cause quite a lot of damage to the hunter. In addition, there is a large body of griffin and dragon flame like bags, in anger, it will spit a fireball to the target to vent his anger burned taste, but having a hard time. In addition, a large griffin will use his body as a weapon hit the target, like a timid person, once tense, will reckless crazy toward the opponent, which is its most neurotic personality good expression.

Guild Wars Necromancer mainstream adding points

I rank 36 Guild Wars 2 Gold, the main play Necromancer, recently used this build, I feel very good, there are symptoms of the outbreak, there are AOE, controlled, highly mobile, basic per game is the highest scoring team.

Why choose deputies horn it? New versions expand the scope of the horn 5, this skill has too many features: the first provides mobility, 25 seconds cd, 13 sec Turbo, who said Necro short legs? Second, once per second injury is not very high, but there are extra crit, with the sigil of earth crit bloodshed and burning of dps upgrade is quite clear; there is a 1% per second is also very life force good; cheap GW2 Gold most important is crippled once per second on bleeding symptoms of burning and other key provides protection against melee restrictions also good, with a large baby’s crippled, maimed relaxed on the whole to the opponent. Horn 4 new versions also has a skill critical buff: Cannot block, so the addition of a NEC block therapy can be interrupted guard skills.

Why does double coat of arms? New version signet of spite strengthened a lot, minus cd also strengthened symptoms injury, passive 180power also very good; plague signet, turn symptoms skill in the new version of the form of strong symptoms more important, Takeout instantaneous break stun, dead This spiritual nirvana.

Why do double Servant? First, insects and large babies are the two highest dps minion, with trait in 30% of the minion damage, big baby about 900 +, 1100 + worm looks. Because there is a lag of NEC injury symptoms, so often encountered when 1v1 himself lying on the ground, the opponent has been symptom consumes dead, two servants basically make sure you win each downed fight. In addition, these two servants of the action Buy GW2 Gold skills are also quite useful in many insect Teleport can jump high on the map, such as forest of Nefhel midpoint of the highlands. Big baby’s assault generally used as the upper hand, one second knockdown pick horn three seconds daze, followed by fear, ideally would control the opponent seven seconds or more.

As a Necromancer player, I feel the new version of the Necronomicon very strong, but I think it is very healthy NEC strong game mechanics, NEC such a job should be designed to teams carry, because of the limited capacity of NEC life insurance, fire was set to be very escape life. As long as there is a group fight broke career eyeing neck. Even seconds cannot afford, but also interferes with the NEC’s output. A lot of people complain about NEC OP. Symptoms hurt OP, because they put in a high-output unbridled NEC. To make an accurate analogy, played dota friends should Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold know. Team battles faire excellent output Ranger carry such consequences. A society cannot be designed as a necromancer neither the output was not any life insurance career, the last version of the symptoms Necro is really not as good as in all aspects of engineering symptoms. There is a sense that is contagious.

To sum up, I hope the new version of NEC’s rise will make more players to understand and develop Necro this career.

How to get more than one drop in Diablo 3

Before the player finds Diablo 3 BUG: cheap diablo3 gold one time drops eight yellow dresses? Right, teach you how to get more than one drop. Here to update all professional use!

Note: Only the elite monster with a life- link attribute can use.

Using the method: kill monsters with blue names, try to let the blood to maintain a balance in the monster of the few remaining blood, give blood less BUG skills on blue were strange, and then use the same range of skills to kill all high injury blue name, the system will give you many times to kill judge, reward you many times and repeatedly falling BUFF.

Monk: The best card of the occupation, burst palm Glyph role in the duration of up to six seconds, ability to survive itself, with poly strange skills, card it is very easy way is to put all three were strange blue hit 10W blood around (stay well ahead of refined gas), and then give blood at least the bird burst on the palm (I used to have on each high success rate) and then let them get together, punches up call, a land gold loaded!

Hunting magic: have to say, in a separate card BUG SOLO difficulty when monks are indeed higher than high, but we DH have an advantage, because we are remote! And our sticky bomb is remotely diablo gold skills taka place in the blasted FARM when superiority manifested! The curse of the tower we can stand on the stage BUG point, the amount of blood per blame adjusts the equalizer, and then gives each of them put their heads adhesive bomb, and then call up a few electric ball, a ground gold!

Master: I have no Master number, but my friend’s Master Card Blasted use this BUG Taka very happy, not a laser blast Glyph Glyph that ‘s a 35 % chance of explosion, pit father too, Master there is a left- skills, like asking what energy pulse, there is a monster explosive energy Glyph fried 70% weapon damage, first snowstorm of the monster’s blood to adjust the equalizer, the best pressure to low, because 70% of weapon damage the effect is not very good, and then put on a high damage hands and arms, throw a pulse in the past, a place gold!

Barbarian: Cleave, on this one skill is not very good, very difficult, because he himself is an AOE skill that you made to achieve a smooth pixia to go, three empty hemocyanin only one was killed, while the other two are Cleave triggered explosions killed, very difficult, you relaxed state of mind, it will be, or there is no way.

Well, the whole career simple to use written down, I wish you many lay equipment, in addition to despise yourself muffled fortune, but also hopes that as soon as possible out of harmony with BLZ improve buy d3 gold next game environment. Etc….? Whether I forget something…..?