Guild Wars Necromancer mainstream adding points

I rank 36 Guild Wars 2 Gold, the main play Necromancer, recently used this build, I feel very good, there are symptoms of the outbreak, there are AOE, controlled, highly mobile, basic per game is the highest scoring team.

Why choose deputies horn it? New versions expand the scope of the horn 5, this skill has too many features: the first provides mobility, 25 seconds cd, 13 sec Turbo, who said Necro short legs? Second, once per second injury is not very high, but there are extra crit, with the sigil of earth crit bloodshed and burning of dps upgrade is quite clear; there is a 1% per second is also very life force good; cheap GW2 Gold most important is crippled once per second on bleeding symptoms of burning and other key provides protection against melee restrictions also good, with a large baby’s crippled, maimed relaxed on the whole to the opponent. Horn 4 new versions also has a skill critical buff: Cannot block, so the addition of a NEC block therapy can be interrupted guard skills.

Why does double coat of arms? New version signet of spite strengthened a lot, minus cd also strengthened symptoms injury, passive 180power also very good; plague signet, turn symptoms skill in the new version of the form of strong symptoms more important, Takeout instantaneous break stun, dead This spiritual nirvana.

Why do double Servant? First, insects and large babies are the two highest dps minion, with trait in 30% of the minion damage, big baby about 900 +, 1100 + worm looks. Because there is a lag of NEC injury symptoms, so often encountered when 1v1 himself lying on the ground, the opponent has been symptom consumes dead, two servants basically make sure you win each downed fight. In addition, these two servants of the action Buy GW2 Gold skills are also quite useful in many insect Teleport can jump high on the map, such as forest of Nefhel midpoint of the highlands. Big baby’s assault generally used as the upper hand, one second knockdown pick horn three seconds daze, followed by fear, ideally would control the opponent seven seconds or more.

As a Necromancer player, I feel the new version of the Necronomicon very strong, but I think it is very healthy NEC strong game mechanics, NEC such a job should be designed to teams carry, because of the limited capacity of NEC life insurance, fire was set to be very escape life. As long as there is a group fight broke career eyeing neck. Even seconds cannot afford, but also interferes with the NEC’s output. A lot of people complain about NEC OP. Symptoms hurt OP, because they put in a high-output unbridled NEC. To make an accurate analogy, played dota friends should Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold know. Team battles faire excellent output Ranger carry such consequences. A society cannot be designed as a necromancer neither the output was not any life insurance career, the last version of the symptoms Necro is really not as good as in all aspects of engineering symptoms. There is a sense that is contagious.

To sum up, I hope the new version of NEC’s rise will make more players to understand and develop Necro this career.

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