What differences between DOTA2 and the DOTA – part two

4, store-bought
It can be said that it is the biggest change in DOTA2, all items are unified into a fixed interface for players to select. It is similar with the League of Legends (LOL), but not identical. The left key can only be used to choose equipment. The right key is used to buy. New players must keep in mind at this point to avoid madly clicking, left key but cannot buy things.
And in DOTA2, also is joined the “quick purchase”, such as the Townteleport the necessary prop can be dragged to the top of the lower right corner of your items, to set up “quick purchase” to save time.
5, the image of the model
We have to say, the hero model change is the most impact changes of rhythm and feel, but after all DOTA2 is not DOTA, many models can not be the same with original works, despite DOTA2 tried to restore model actions, surge and other details into DOTA feeling, However, in the actual game, we will still not get used to the feeling. The most obvious changes are the hero turn, change of volume size, and attacking ballistic curve which is very easy to impact of the operation.
The above differences, in addition to larger changes in store, others look subtle changes, but the more this small difference, the more easy to make the players who just exchange just DOTA to DOTA2 is not used to, leading to play disorders. Players who want to familiarize the DOTA2 must psychologically prepare.

What differences between DOTA2 and the DOTA

As the orthodox sequel of DOTA series, it is said “DOTA2 (booking)” will try to restore DOTA, and take care the operation habit of the old players, but after all the engine is different and times is also different, some things in the game will certainly be changed adapting to the times, first let us see what changes are there in game.

1, game lobby
In order to clear their own ambitions, and also in order to profit, DOTA2 certainly will not be played like DOTA as a free WAR3 map. In match mode, before players can enter into the game to decide the choice of the hero, and we can see, the hero will wear different types of equipment to change the shape, and of course, these equipments do not influence the hero property.
2, screen mobile
Players who are familiar with WAR3 newly contact DOTA2 engine will certainly be a subtle feeling, in addition to the game screen becoming more real and gorgeous, in the scroll of the screen, it also has different feeling with WAR3, when move screen, there is a slight acceleration sense, which is one of the things most likely to affect the operation of players.
3, the operating mode
If you do not use the “changing key tools” in DOTA, all operating buttons are fixed, so that one of the biggest disadvantage is that you must be familiar with the skills of each hero shortcuts and to ensure the accuracy to press. But when entering the DOTA2 times, the set of skill keys is adopted the setting of QWER (EF) the same with LOL, players can also set into preferences button in setting.
In addition, in the game skills upgrading is no longer like in WAR3 clicking the yellow “+” sign to learn, but the first click the yellow tips on the head portrait, and then select the appropriate skills, compared to directly click to upgrade skill in LOL, this set seems a bit complicated.

Yummmmm in DOTA love following you – part two


ClinkzIt has agile talent and quick speed, can sneak for long time, it shots particularly fast in short time, and always suddenly appears in front of you, in a word, it is really the yummmmm.
Whether is knocked down from positive C, or from position E, the barathrum is a simple and rude yummmmm, it will rush out to knock down you from the shadow when you do not pay attention to.
He won’t lost vision, how fast you are, how fast he can be also, can always firmly follow you, he is very wretched, he is not interested in knocking down you, only interested in the wealth, in his eyes, only has gold.
Don’t look down upon the fit of the two yummmmm, they can always set the trap in a corner where you do not pay attention to and wait for you to swallow the bait, so it is impossible for to defend effectively.
Rikimaru is most good at attacking others from behind, obviously this yummmmm also have special hobby in chrysanthemum, he is good at hiding his shape, even if has anti implicit, his small body also provides convenient for sneak attack.
Now, the yummmmm in DOTA I have introduced, after you reading, what do you think of them?

Yummmmm in DOTA love following you

In “Defense of the Ancients” also has yummmmm! Wretched appearance and love following you! Unconsciously he has been near your side… You are like them, or hate them?
He has the special abilities that all the yummmmm envy, he always like doing some conscienceless things while you are a person.
Ugly appearance and hypertrophy of the body, which are a lot of yummmmm inherent features, he always wretched hid in the small woods, induced you coming with his long hook and ate you, it is abnormal!
This guy most like to use the blood of young girl to supply energy for him, it is born with ability, and also like drilling in others body to swallow them, so take care, little girls!
It is one of the most evil yummmmm, it usually becomes into black smoke to attack your hips, and it has the ability that after every hit, its fighting capacity will be improved.
A yummmmm with beard runs slowly and has brittle body, but his powerful vision let him have a certain amount of ability, it is enough that it’s far and you feel pain if shot.