Big exposure! Three characteristic play methods about maplestory game

“maplestory” great change version beta, the recent new service is hot, the islanders unprecedented enthusiasm. “Island adventure” is what is attractive? Xiaobian hereby exclusively reveal the three big characteristics of maplestory!
The new concept of scrolls online, unique strange adventure experience
The adventure island that the entire game with 2 D images on plane used horizontal scroll movement way which is different from other Q version 2D games. Game scene of the fall of on design, the whole picture points prospects (players activity area), the static background, the scenery of the three levels of activity design, already ingenuity and have very strong real into feeling.
maplestory game

All kinds of map, in a different scene adventure
The flavor of full of fairy tales picture, match on pure and fresh and beautiful music and bright colors downy collocation, the oncoming is a different style of play. The adventure island “has the breath of the medieval villages and grasslands, rural wild primitive tribes, dense plateau mountainous area, the rich and colorful underwater world, and the mysterious magic forest, modern city and remote town, and so on, constitute a series of games challenge map, in the adventure trip constantly have the fresh and surprise scenes.
The role of personalized Settings, let you in the game is enough to tide and snowboarding progresses


The role of freedom for players is very big in the adventure island, players following their bent by their own ways can dress up their characters from head to foot ,even the title of the show also have corresponding characteristics effect. At the same time, costume can fully present in game pictures, and even small adorn article players can also see clearly. Mall of coat, pants, earrings, shoes, according to the player’s preference can create hundreds of thousands of characters. If you feel that is not satisfied, but also through the beauty salon and other professional technology, completely change the role of appearance; let you become the protagonist of the unique game!
Above all, in front of a computer can you withstand? Move words; just open your own adventure!
Starting from scratch adventure, everything has already changed!
game  role

Above all, in front of a computer you can  hold? If you are moved , begin your own adventure!



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