Gran Turismo 5 will be developed to treat spinal cord injury

Not long ago, the media reported that there is the doctor practice hand function by CS to get minimally invasive surgical operation awards, causing the player hot discussion. Coincidentally, the game will once again be merit for medical.
Recently, Singapore’s Tan Tock Seng Hospital’s occupational physicians are using a new tool to help those with spinal cord injury patients recovering health, the name of this tool, for every gamer is quite familiar with, it is a well-known racing masterpiece “Gran Turismo 5”.

Gran Turismo 5Physician Ernest Thia said, he was an early start to use the game to help his patients Winfield Lim, early in this year, Winfield Lim suddenly happened on hemiplegia at home, he was difficult to self-control from the chest, but now he has been able to re-rate his driver’s license.
In the treatment, in addition to the traditional treatment, Lim also must play “Gran Turismo 5” for half an hour during each course, of course, he is very professional to manner through a Logitech steering wheel and pedals, and his treating physician will supervise his coordination and reaction time aside.
When it comes to games, Thia said: “This game is actually born with racing, so I will add some restrictions.” For example, ask patients to do the action coordination test of hands and feet at a certain speed.
Winfield Lim is indeed recovering well. “I had really depressed,” he said. “But this game makes me all day clear up, because when you play it, you’ll have fun. You are surrounded by laughter, even those ward mates who look at my operation, they are also very happy.”

To “Children’s Day” gift-never forgotten ten games

Today is “Children’s Day”, when the day is coming, I always feel endless remembered and regrets, always recall the good memories of childhood. Do you remember the time we several small partners were noisy for the game? The time goes quickly, we also grow slowly, but some classic PC games still can’t be forgotten for a long time.

 super Mario
“The super Mario”
Do you still remember? It was the red hat plumbers Mario that became popular in the world for more than 20 years, beat BOSS, save the princess, pick mushrooms, trample monster, these are all his best stunt.

The Contra

“The Contra”
Every time I think of this game, the classical opening music will linger in the ear; many of the classic scenes in the game are still vivid. In “Family Computer” age, “Contra” absolutely is the classic of shooting games.

Adventure Island

“Adventure Island”
The game is the pain that doesn’t explain in our childhood, the excessive levels and gradually increase the difficulty of the task, let many children can’t go out to find fun in summer holidays.

Double Dragon

The “Double Dragon” series
The “Double Dragon” is the father of the scroll type grapple game, in the game you can see the shadow of Bruce lee and jeet kune do. At that time, every day fantasy ourselves a hero, grapple game really satisfies us a lot of vanity.

The Pocket Monster

“The Pocket Monster”
The Pocket Monster opened a new era of electronic pets for game industry. Today it is still our favorite.

Destiny of an Emperor

“Destiny of an Emperor”
“Destiny of an Emperor” is a RPG game, the design prototypes of online game is Motomiya Hiroshi cartoon the same as the arcade version game.

Dragon Ball

The “Dragon Ball”
“Dragon Ball” almost login all the game platform, from the earliest FC to DC, PS, XBOX, WILL, you can find the figure of the game, the game mostly is combat or action adventure, also have role playing turn-based games.



“Diablo” series
From “Diablo 1” to “Diablo 3”, each game is very hot. But in our heart, “Diablo 2” is not just classic work, but also is the god’s work.

Street Fighter

“Street Fighter”
“Street Fighter” is classic work of grapple game, because of the good balance it was so popular in the early years! Chun Li in the game became the goddess in the heart of many players.

The King of Fighter

“The King of Fighter”
The story background of “The King of Fighter” is battle-scarred combat stars in a whole new way against, combined with a powerful team to battle. The against process is exciting, and happy, that kind of feeling is still fresh in our memories.

The magic of game — happy or sad in the game

The last article tells you two kinds of “love and hate cross up” games, this article will continue introduce to you the other two.

“super Ghouls ‘N Ghosts”
We all know that this game is difficult. Now we have a lingering fear, when players through hardships came to the final hurdle, the game gives us a big “surprise”. At last, through the front levels are only beginning: you must play once again, this time, your task is to collect the goddess bracelet, to challenge the last boss. Why is this? Can the princess tell us in the beginning? And dive attack of the Red Arremer monsters is too accurate.

“The magic:The Gathering—Duels of the Planes walkers”
This is a tough fight, and we finally cut the enemy to leave a little blood. We have been waiting for more than 30 minutes, it is time for the last battle, and do you know what happened? They dug out the perfect card, which can kill us in a round, whether you play with the games player or with the computer. How many times of such things happened I have countless. Really let us be mad.
Playing games is an interesting process, we want to enjoy the joy of the games, not in awkward.

Why these games make me “love and hate cross up”

In the game, challenge is indispensable. We enjoy the joy when we through the difficult level. But if you feel the difficulty of the game is suddenly growing, or you don’t have hope to through, and the difficulty is all set by people, it usually makes a person very frustrated, or even don’t give up to play this game. The following is some difficult games that I think them hard to play; they occasionally will make us have an impulse of breaking things. First I say the following two kinds.
“The F-Zero GX”
I used to think that “the F-Zero”is difficult, but this is more difficult. It is a car racing game based on a set of future. In the game if you have a slight negligence you will fall in the last one. The opponents completely don’t know “fair” which is different from other games. Your opponents would stop you in every corner, especially in the bend knock you out to the circuit with gravity. You will lose most energy because of avoiding the block.
“The soul of darkness”
Namco Bandai told player: you will complain about the difficulty of the game, but at the same time you’ll like it. Its slogan is “ready to death”. The small blame in the game is as difficult as the boss of the other games; eventually getting through the game may make people mad–exploring every place of the games means that players repeat the suffering from torture. Whether how many times you get through the game, it always wants to torture you.
Do you allow my words? If you do, I will introduce other games in the next artical.

Big exposure! Three characteristic play methods about maplestory game

“maplestory” great change version beta, the recent new service is hot, the islanders unprecedented enthusiasm. “Island adventure” is what is attractive? Xiaobian hereby exclusively reveal the three big characteristics of maplestory!
The new concept of scrolls online, unique strange adventure experience
The adventure island that the entire game with 2 D images on plane used horizontal scroll movement way which is different from other Q version 2D games. Game scene of the fall of on design, the whole picture points prospects (players activity area), the static background, the scenery of the three levels of activity design, already ingenuity and have very strong real into feeling.
maplestory game

All kinds of map, in a different scene adventure
The flavor of full of fairy tales picture, match on pure and fresh and beautiful music and bright colors downy collocation, the oncoming is a different style of play. The adventure island “has the breath of the medieval villages and grasslands, rural wild primitive tribes, dense plateau mountainous area, the rich and colorful underwater world, and the mysterious magic forest, modern city and remote town, and so on, constitute a series of games challenge map, in the adventure trip constantly have the fresh and surprise scenes.
The role of personalized Settings, let you in the game is enough to tide and snowboarding progresses


The role of freedom for players is very big in the adventure island, players following their bent by their own ways can dress up their characters from head to foot ,even the title of the show also have corresponding characteristics effect. At the same time, costume can fully present in game pictures, and even small adorn article players can also see clearly. Mall of coat, pants, earrings, shoes, according to the player’s preference can create hundreds of thousands of characters. If you feel that is not satisfied, but also through the beauty salon and other professional technology, completely change the role of appearance; let you become the protagonist of the unique game!
Above all, in front of a computer can you withstand? Move words; just open your own adventure!
Starting from scratch adventure, everything has already changed!
game  role

Above all, in front of a computer you can  hold? If you are moved , begin your own adventure!



Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of each race in WOW?

Just now, summed up WOW racial advantages and disadvantages. because I am also a novice, may not write very detailed.
Advantages: The building can be built by more people, faster than other races and the attack power is relatively high.
Disadvantages: No maximum units, blood is less than 1000.

The bestial race:
Advantages: Blood of multiple defense is high, and you can get resource quickly.
Disadvantages: The initial defense education is weak, and the soldiers made is also slower.

The undead:
Advantages: Fast, can be used to increase the population construction unit to attack others,
especially in fighting Night elf.
Disadvantages: Tedious in collection resources.

Night elf:
Advantages: Resources faster,can be hiding, then The deer can be immune to magic.
Disadvantages: Early Weaker, building will be destroyed by rival easily when you build.

That is all I have known.Wish it’s useful for you!